Introducing The Rosy Besties! Brought to you by Blushpixie and Fairylushes.

We want everyone in the rosy community, newer and older blogs, to become friends and get to know each other again!

If you’re interested in this idea, you must…

-Reblog this post (so we know to include you in our activities)

-Message us your email (to add you into the network)


This is going to be a network/advice blog for the rosy community to get to know each other better. We’ll do things like anonymous chats and such.

There will be a network for all of us to chat with each other, and there will also be a blog (run by Blushpixie and Fairylushes) for people who need advice, promos for new rosy blogs, and it will also contain the activities we’ll be doing in the chat network. You can follow that blog to keep up with what’s happening in the Rosy Community/network.

This is the advice blog, and the chat network will be created soon! 

I made the banner.

Shoutout To Some Special People! :)

I love all you guys who follow me, and who don’t. Each and every single one of you, but I wanted to give a shoutout to this particular people today! I just wanted to remind people how they are and how awesome the spn tumblr community is!

@rosie-winchester - The J.D to my J.D :) Thank you for being such an amazing friend to me! You are just not a tumblr friend, I consider you a friend in real life. I love our skype conversations, and could literally talk to you for hours because we never run out of things to say. Thank you for all of your support, pumpkin!

@sisterwinchesterwriter - My Sammy! :) You are so awesome, and I’m so glad I met you! You are so supportive, and I love your tags when you reblog my stuff. reading those make my day. Thank you for being such a beautiful person!

@mousehybrid - You are always so sweet to me! Even though we don’t get to talk all the time, I still love you girly! You’re the best, and hearing from you always makes my day!

@assbutt-still-in-hell - Love you, doll face. I cherish mine, yours, and rosie’s Sam gif battles. They are always the greatest! love our chats on tumblr as well!

@winchesters-favorite-girl​ Girl, you are so amazing I can’t believe it! Your stories are a knock out and you actually inspired me to start writing on my own blog! You are also soo nice, and I’m secretly jealous of you that you got pictures with Jared and Jensen. That must of been soo awesome. You are like the Winchester!sister queen of tumblr!

@not-moose-one-shots​ You are soo incredible! I see you post stuff to your blog everyday, and sometimes I get jealous because I wish I could be that good and have your skills. You were also another person who got me to start writing fic on my own blog, and I adore you!

@straightasdeanwinchester - You are so cute, and always so supportive. I love your fics, and I love you!

@jude-elizabeth-winchester - Last, but definitely not least. You are an amazing friend and I love you so much! You are also a very talented writer, and thank you for all the support and help you have given me these past few months!

For some odd reason I can’t think of any adjectives besides awesome, amazing, kind, and cool…. I’m such an awesome writer *rolling my eyes* I just wanted to tell you guys though how awesome you are, and how much I love you. That’s it! Here is a hug for you all

When I was a child, within the cosy confines of my local library – a place that always smelled pleasingly of polish and paper – I made friends. I made friends with Sherlock Holmes and Count Dracula, with Robert Louis Stevenson and M.R. James, with Edith Wharton and Stephen King.

I travelled too – to dusty Montana dinosaur fields, to pirate islands, to the moon and back. And my travels weren’t only fictional. As a fossil-obsessed boy, I used the resources of the library to reach out to the Natural History Museum and began a long correspondence with the Department of Palaeontology, even sending specimens back and forth hoping for identification.

I simply wouldn’t be the person I am, nor the writer I have become, without having this vital edifice so close to home. It’s easy to say that in the internet age, the library is redundant. Nothing could be further from the truth. They have a rosy future as community spaces, adapting to the fast pace of technology but not being sacrificed to it.

A library is more than a building. It’s a statement of intent. A shared space. A sanctuary. We remove these pieces of civilisation at our peril. Brick by brick

~ Mark Gatiss.

My final words to Megan aka dazieh aka the person who runs the rosyburnbook aka a person who is dead to me now

megan, it honestly breaks my heart to say this, but i know that you’re part of the rosy burn book. and so is caroline. meadow told me that you wanted her to be in it with caroline, and all of the evidence (ip, that hair flip emoji, and avoidance of your own blog) all points to you, and it’s so obvious. i’ve been trying to deny it. hoping that it wasn’t you and that it was all a misunderstanding. but it’s just too obvious. i’m sorry. i can’t do this anymore. i thought we were friends. good friends. you were one of my role models on tumblr, and i looked up to you. for advice and everything. now i can’t believe i ever trusted you. our entire friendship was a lie. was i ever your friend? you were certainly one of my best friends. you so obviously didn’t like me blog back then, and we were “friends”. you could’ve told me to my face. i wouldn’t mind. but the fact that you said that about me and other blogs on anon, and hurting their feelings just makes me sick. i pity you. why would you go so low as to insulting other people’s blogs anonymously. you don’t know how hard they worked on their blogs. you’ve caused an outrage in the rosy community. you’ve lowered the self-esteem of members of the rosy community. you’ve wrecked the community. how do you feel about yourself now? do you feel bad? good, cause that’s how you’re supposed to feel. i can’t belive you, megan. i thought i knew you. bye bitch. good luck. have a nice life.

A dedicated zone to positivity and flattery, the Rosy Praise Book - R.P.B. for short - will act as a confidence booster, a smile creator, and even a rosy blog directory! 

Anyone can…

  • submit confessions (sending in a nice thought/opinion/compliment about another rosy blog)
  • offer praise to people in the rosy community
  • find gorgeous rosy blogs to follow
  • make friends in a safe environment

As the creator of the R.P.B, I would like to stay anonymous (at least for now). I feel like that ensures a no-judgement atmosphere when using this blog page. 

I’d love to hear all of your thoughts - please send them my way here.

Please reblog this to let all of the rosy community know!

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  • must be a rosy blog (any follower count)


  • i’m making 2 groups: one for people with less than 5k and one for people with 5k+ so you can do promos and all & get close and make friends which is what i really want because everyone in the rosy community is amaaazing
  • promos
  • friends
  • followers


*Do not delete this text or Justin will shoot you*

Okay so me, Susanna & Madeleine have decided to make a network for all the beliebers in the rosy community! you don’t have to be rosy but you have to be a belieber! :)


  • mbf Me & Susanna & Madeleine
  • must fill out this form
  • must love Justin!
  • must reblog this post, likes aren’t counted.


  • A cute badge for your blog!
  • New friends!
  • Gaining followers :)
  • Fangirling about Justin!


  • Reblog this 5497439304 times
  • Reblog from Susanna’s uploads page here
  • Make a post with the tags #blush-princess or #florisun #mazieh telling us why you should get in.
  • Follow Susanna’s & Madeleine’s Instagrams here & here
  • Follow Tanha’s & Madeleine’s Twitters here & here


  • she made this gorgeous banner!
  • If you’ve got any questions, please ask!
  • We will be picking as soon as we get a good amount of notes, we will choose 15-20 blogs to get in :)

so recently in the rosy community there has been a looot of drama going on. we all know what i’m talking about and there’s no “wrong” opinion on anything that has been happening. however, i think since it is now a new year, it is a good opportunity for the rosy blog community to repair and rebuild itself. we don’t want anything horrible happening again so we should all try to improve ourselves for 2014 and just become a stronger community again. i hope you all have the most amazing year ever! happy new year

banner by me please keep the source*

This is the first network I’ve made and I don’t know if it’s a long shot but here we go! I wanted to make this to get to know all of you gorgeous girls in the rosy community.

🐠 must be following meee - rosaquarium
🐠 must have a rosy blog
🐠 please be active and try to get to know eachother. make friends! and no hate to anyone please 😙
🐠must reblog this post. Likes count as bookmarks only!

🐠 a safe, caring network where you can get advice
🐠 friends YAY who doesn’t love friends
🐠 followers

So thats that! DONT SWIM AWAY! Get reblogging!
❤❤ beautiful banner by the lovely blusiffy ❤❤

( If this gets 0 notes, I’ll have to cry in the corner and pretend it didn’t happen 😂 )
Love Carys xx

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Hi everyone..We introduce to you… 

***SAVE ROSY POST*** (This isn’t a network or group) 

Me and Caroline thought it would be a great idea to make a blog that only reblogs rosy post under 1K notes! Because we are kinda tired of seeing the same 1K+ (and up) post over and over again on our dash and we have notice there are a lot more original rosy post that don’t get as much attention because they don’t have 1K..So we are here to help get those post notice and reach 1K! 

The admins of the blog are Jamie (Rosettaful) & Caroline (Blushielle)

To notice when we reblog a under 1K note rosy post, you must follow the Blog!
You may submit us (on the blog) your links to your edits, uploads, mine, and face page (Only post under 1K please).
You may queue from our archive to at least give the low note post a chance!
Once your rosy post has reached 1K, we will no longer reblog the post on the blog, but we are very proud that you reached the 1K goal!!

I made the banner, nav banners, and the support badge! 
The idea was by me and Caroline.

I think that is everything we need to let you all know! 
Please reblog this around so other rosy blogs can be aware of this blog and help these beautiful under 1K rosy post get notice in the rosy community! 

Thank you so so much for reading this and wanting to help! 
We love you! Love, Jamie & Caroline xx