rosy friends


I wonder who she’s talking to

Looking for a friend

I’m kinda looking for a gay friend to talk to since nobody in my surroundings is gay. I can talk about stuff with my friends but they never fully understand so if you’re gay too and you would like to also talk to someone please send me a message. :)

If youre not gay but you are into the following things I would also like to talk to you because my friends are very tired of my constant fangirling😂:
-Shannon Beveridge (nowthisisliving)
-Rose and Rosie
-Justin Bieber
-Ed Sheeran
-Stydia/Teen Wolf
-Orange is the new black (even tho im not up to date yet)
-music in general

Also if you have a blog that posts about any of the above please like this so I can follow you 😊

Tu meriti molto di più. Ti meriti qualcuno che ti ami con tutto il cuore, qualcuno che pensi a te costantemente, qualcuno che passi ogni minuto di ogni giorno a domandarsi che cosa stai facendo, dove sei, con chi sei, se stai bene. Hai bisogno di qualcuno che ti possa aiutare a realizzare i tuoi sogni e che sia in grado di proteggerti dalle tue paure. Hai bisogno di qualcuno che ti tratti con rispetto, che ami tutto di te, soprattutto i tuoi difetti. Dovresti avere accanto qualcuno che ti possa rendere felice, davvero felice, spensieratamente felice. Non avrei dovuto sprecare tutti questi anni senza di te.

A few Sheith headcanons about that one tree behind Keith’s shack that no one can tell me aren’t true

  • Shiro and Keith planted the tree as a sapling together
  • They would joke around and call each other “tree dads”
  • Some nights they would sit under it and stargaze and talk for hours on end
  • The day before the Kerberos launch they carved one of those cheesy hearts into the trunk so that Keith could look at it when he missed Shiro
  • The day Keith heard about the “pilot error” he sat under it for hours sobbing and clutching shiro’s dog tags to his chest.
  • He fell asleep that night under the protection of the tree wishing Shiro was right there besides him
  • Now that they are no longer on earth Keith sometimes wonders if it is even still standing, if it is waiting for them to come back and sit under its shade again.