rosy themes

@sentate‘s Jocasta Tee in @citrontart‘s Neutrals Palette. there are also two additional swatches (black & white) with roses on both arms. I love rosy themes on clothing so I thought it would be a nice addition :)

the mesh is NOT included - grab it HERE!


  • do not re-upload my CC/Sims.
  • do not claim my CC/Sims as your own.
  • feel free to recolor, but do not include the original mesh.
  • tag me if you use any of my creations. I would love to see them in your game!

download (SimFileShare)

credits: @sentate // @citrontart

Okay but whatever you do don’t think about Sherlock buying Rosie cute bee themed things.
It’s starts of with Sherlock buying her cute bee socks, and then clothes, and later a big plushie she loves and cuddles with every night, and every time she wants to cuddle with Sherlock she said “Bee. Up.” And holds out her small arms and Sherlock pick her up and gets her favourite plushie and when John comes home from work he puts a blankets over the two snorring on the sofa.