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Can you imagine that being the silly boys they are, they just didn’t tell Rosie to call Sherlock ‘papa’? And time pases, and just they don’t. They evelope, they stay together, they start a really healthy -finally- relationship and Rosie gets bigger under their care but they just don’t tell Rosie that Sherlock is her dad too (1/16)

(because he does everything John does, even a bit more like doing her piggy tails perfectly -with those blue hair bands with tiny ballons pressed on them and yellow bee hair clips “she doesn’t need to combine them, she’s perfect even when she got your fashion sense”- and knowing which stories are her favorites one when she is two “come on, John, she stays 2 point 42 seconds longer up with you read to her that silly story about pigglets and the animal that blows their houses and not that one about the girl and the shoe! That’s quite smart actually, well done my dearest Watson”-). 

John is just scared that if he ask Sherlock to take this task, he’ll flee away and John just can’t live without him (no when he knows that Sherlock’s toes are twice as long than his or the warmth he feels in his chest when he catchs him wearing his sweaters when he’s sick “just because they’re warm”. John never tells him that he saw all of Sherlock’s sweaters in the back of the bottom drawer since John pointed this out). So no, he doesn’t. 

Sherlock doesn’t ask because he’s scared too. He’s lived alone and barely survived. He can’t live without John and Rosie (no when he knows that John uses this chamomile cream for his callused hands when he thinks that Sherlock can’t see him and make fun of him -he never sees, he smells but choose to never point this out. Sherlock guesses that must be some old child trauma, maybe his father, telling him not to be a “girl”- or how much honey Rosie needs in her tea when her throat is a bit hoarse). So no, he doesn’t ask. 

The three of them live in 221B, happily, I gotta say. Until Rosie is four and they can’t shut her off her pairs, so they inscribe her in this daycare near their house after Sherlock checked every single one of the kid’s parents. It’s easier than they think to tell her and it’s a bit more difficult for them, quieter definitely. But it is needed. They believe so. They both say “bye” to her (her favorite pink with yellow flowers dress, warm black leggings, shiny white shoes, cream sweater, and her favorite hairstyle), alongside with another parents crying. Sherlock doesn’t have time to deduce them until they see their -yes, their- baby -not so much little now- girl dissapear in a sea of kids, her yellow polka dot jacket and bees’ backpack into her new classroom.

Rosie never saw so many kids together in her life! I mean, her dad and Sherlock took her to the park almost everyday but they just never left her to her own devices. It was scary but a good scary -specially because Sherlock told her that they would come after her and fear not and there was also this girl, Amanda, a tan and all smiles girl, kept talking to her about her cats and her moms-. She knew that there were all kinds of families but never talked about it with a kid like her. Almost everyone had a dad and a mom, but Amanda had two moms and seemed a little confused about her dad and Sherlock. When she explained her day to day schedule (“do they hold each other’s hands?” “duh, of course they do!” “and they kiss each other?” “of course! Specially when Sherlock eats” “then you have two dads! That must be cool but I’ve to moms so I can tell you that having two moms is awesome–!”) there was no “Sherlock”, she must have looked so silly! Maybe so silly that it must be the reason why Sherlock looked at her funny sometimes -like that time he catched her trying to see how his violin worked or when she played doctor with her dad’s robe-, probably he wanted her to dedutce? Which one was the word?

Rosie was a Smart girl and in no time decided Sherlock’s new name, so when the class was over, with a little bit of help, she got all of her colors back in her tiny Hello Kitty case (she hoped her drawing was cool enough to get a place in the refrigerator) and her clothes while Mrs. Kleint explained them what they were going to do tomorrow. With the new drawing in her hand, she screamt as high and she could “PAPAAAAAAAAAAA” when she saw them standing in the middle -Sherlock height always helped- in her happy way, running with her chubby legs. John felt relieved, she missed him as much as he missed her but even when he opened his arms, he saw how she hugged Sherlock’s legs tight. 

Later that night, after long conversations and dinner, Rosie’s new drawing was the only thing in their refrigerator: Sherlock, John, Rosie and the ducks they fed on Saturdays with the tiny shaky scribble on top (help from Mrs. Kleint): -papa, dad, Rosie-. (16/16) Fin.

WOW!  That was so long and beautiful!  I signed online and was like “omg I have like seventeen asks, what did I do?  But it turned out it was only this lovely thing!  Thank you so much!!!  It’s precious!  <3

Parent!lock is canon. Here’s stuff that has been on my mind:
- sometimes when John and Sherlock have an argument about something very stupid and get loud, Rosie starts crying and both of them turn to her immediately and start calming her down and the world is okay again, what were they even arguing about
- Rosie is Sherlock’s second angel, he would kill for her and it’s funny because he literally allows her to do anything (“It’s okay, my darling, here you have your ice cream. We mustn’t tell Daddy, hm?” - “Sherlock?!”)
- Rosie staying at Mrs Hudson’s flat when they’re on a case and she loves it there and Mrs Hudson tells her about the early days of Sherlock and John and Rosie can’t stop giggling
- John taking photos of his little perfect family and being shocked about the fact that Sherlock looks gorgeous in every picture, without exception
- Sherlock documenting EVERYTHING aboht Rosie
- John singing Rosie to sleep with his great singing voice and Sherlock listening and smiling fondly
- John hating himself for agreeing to let Rosie help Sherlock with experiments
- Rosie being such a smart and curious and lovely little girl that both of them could kiss her all day
- they still kiss her lots of times though
- sometimes they hug all three and it’s a huge cuddly mess
- when Rosie gets older and starts bringing friends (boys) from school, John and Sherlock try to act as natural as possible but really they just want to murder every guy who could ever hurt her
- John and Sherlock dealing with a teenage daughter is actually too funny to me: just think about Rosie coming home late or something and both of them standing there, arms crossed, brows raised
- Sherlock following some guy home to stalk him
- Rosie realising it and confronting them about it (“I have no idea what you are talking about, do you john” “not in the least”)
- John saying “Rosamund Mary Watson” in his soldier voice
- Sherlock wanting to go to teacher / parent meetings but john not letting him “UNDER NO CIRCUMSTANCES YOU GO THERE, NO”
- Sherlock and Rosie playing the violin together
- Sherlock and John and Rosie walking in the park together and meeting a dog and both Sherlock and Rosie kneel down and pet him and talk softly to him and John’s just like “omg guys can we go on now” “nO JOHN”
- so much more holy shit I can see their entire life before my eyes
- add stuff!!!


TTTE Shipping Names (Crack and Non-Crack)

James x Edward: Dandy Boy/7 Shades of Purple/Iron Ages

Gordon x Henry: Bad Blood/Big Boys/Expressway

Thomas x Percy: Small But Peppy

Duck x Donald: Sweet Cheeks/Ruffled Feathers

Oliver x Douglas: Black Olives/Saved From Scrap

Gordon x James: Cyan Fireball/Galloping Iron/Larkspur

Duck x Edward: Pintail/Reliable and Responsible/Down to Earth

Bill x Rosie x Ben: Pink Nectar/Bees and Their Honey/Rosebay

Thomas x James: Redjay, Bluejay/Yin and Yang/Opposites Attract

Rosie x Mavis: Gals Being Pals/Gothic Pastels/Rose Oil

Duck x Diesel: Past Mistakes/Bad Romance/Oil Spill

Stepney x Spencer: Private Heritage/Silver Bells/The Prince and The Pauper

Duke x Smudger: From the Ashes/Lessons Learned/Passage of Time

Sir Handel x Peter Sam: Funnels and Wheels/Comedy and Tragedy/Impudent Scallawags

Duncan x Rusty: Soft Rock/Rusted Cans/Not So Grumpy Afterall

Thomas x Diesel: Cat and Mouse/Snakeoil Love

Marion x Edward: Clouded Vision

Whiff x Emily: Glasgow Garbage/Sterling Smarts

Rosie x Diesel: Beauty and the Beast/Light in the Darkness/Freckles and Sneers

Arthur x Salty: Dockside Romance/Saltwater Taffy/Fishsticks

Duck x Gator: Bogwater Beaus/Natural Order/Down the River

Thomas x Paxton: Easily Distracted/Found Your Puff

James x Rosie: Red Roses/Pomegranates

Phillip x Kevin: Eager Beavers/Puppy Love

Charlie x Duck: Quacking Up

Timothy x Arthur: Written in Oil/Perfect Record

Thomas x Neville: Misunderstood/Helpful Hearts/Not So Different

Porter x Hank: Across the Pond/Railroading USA/Fourth of July

Diesel x Paxton: Unwitting Pawn/Stuck in the Middle/Can’t Please Everyone

Neville x Murdoch: Thomas and Gordon 2.0/Enjoy the Silence/Odd But Happy

Lady x James: All That Glitters/Red Magic

Oliver x Duck: Great Western Pride/Greensleeves

Lady x Stanley: Gold and Silver

Charlie x Lady: And the Lady Will Smile

Hiro x Gordon: Whirlwind Romance/Hire a Samurai/Connecting Islands

Arthur x Eagle: Fish Filet/Perfect Hunter/Redtailed Hawk

Neville x Emily: Black Sterling

James x Diesel: Ego Stroking/Toxic Love

James x Toby: Dirty Objects/Come On You/Brash and Modest

Terence x Thomas: Your Caterpillars Are Lovely/Adaptable/Snow Better Friends

Rosie x Whiff: Perfume/Rose-Colored Glasses/One Person’s Trash

BoCo x James: Buzz Buzz

Proteus x Hiro: Railway Myths

Lady x Proteus: Shining Time

Spencer x Caitlin: Silver Lining

Harold x Cranky: Cloud Nine/Eyes In the Sky/Grumble Mumble Cheerio

Edward x BoCo: You Mean They Aren’t Canon?/Damage Control/Beekeepers

Duck x Bill: Quack Buzz/Bee-Eater/Punny Couple

Porter x Timothy: Burning at Both Ends

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Hi, I was wondering if you read fanfiction, and if you do, if you have any scorose fic recs? :-)

ohh yes i have so many to recommend!! thanks for asking :)

ron’s little rosie // the smart one // breakfast // caring is creepy // polyjuice potion // a dying rose // dear gerdy // till marriage do us part // may i take your order? // the hospital bed monologue // he fancies you // they all laughed // inappropriate behavior // misleading headlines // fireflies // happy new year // a friend will, but a best friend // fourty nine moments // emergency chocolate // medicine // the best day // and my personal favorite: hot off the press

these all range from one-shots to multi-chapter fics. let me know if want more recommendations!

Mail (that was an accident)

Liam adored his little girl. It killed him to be away from her for so long. She was so cute and little. She was the spitting image of him. (It made you less lonely when Liam was gone for long.) She had so much hair–brown and soft and smelled like the shampoo you bought for her. Her eyes were big and brown and you were pretty sure Liam was giving her puppy-dog-eye lessons so she would get whatever she wanted.

Not that you would deny your little angel anything she wanted.

She didn’t speak for a while. Just a babble of syllables and sounds that made Liam smile to hear on the phone. He listened to her like she was actually talking. And then one day Liam walked in the door home from a long day at the studio and she squealed from her play carpet on the floor where you were seated beside her playing with her blocks and toys. “Dadda!” She said excitedly and you gaped and she started to wobble over to him on her unsteady legs and gripping the furniture in her path.

“Rosy baby!” Liam cooed he scooped her up just as she got to him and she giggled happily at Dadda. “That was the best thing to come home to my little love,” he said and peppered her in kisses. “You’re so lovely my little one,” he said happily.

So Liam was very happy when he arrived home after another long day and his little girl came running to him as she had since she first uttered Dadda. “Oh hello, my sweet pea,” he cooed and scooped her up. “How are you?” He asked. She nuzzled her little face into his neck and you smiled from the couch. “Hey, beautiful,” Liam grinned and walked over to the couch and sat beside you. “How was your day?” He asked and leaned forward to press a lingering kiss to your lips.

You blushed, which made Liam happy and he smiled brightly. He loved when that happened. Five years and a one year old later and you still blushed when he kissed you. “Good, your mom loves when Rosy comes over,” you told him. “But she misses you and she’s probably getting sick of me,” you said knowingly.

“Very, doubtful,” Liam said rubbing Rosy’s back as she snuggled against him. “Did you have fun with Nana today, sweet pea?” He asked Rosy pulling her from his neck. She gurgled, smiled and nodded. He chuckled and kissed her forehead. She smiled brightly.

“Alright and how are we doing on those numbers?” He asked you.

“We’re up to three,” you said. “I think she knows them,” you explained. “Baby, can you count for Dadda? Like a big girl?” You asked with a bright smile. “Huh?” You asked and you placed some blocks on the coffee table Liam sat down in front as he started to point to the numbers. “One…” he started.

“Two!” She said with a smile as he pointed. He grinned and kissed her forehead.


“Ree,” she said proudly. Liam nodded.

“What’s next?” He asked.

Her eyebrows furrowed in concentration. She looked so cute. She wanted to impress Daddy. “Or?” She asked curiously.

Very good girl!” He cooed. “Oh my little one, you’re so smart, keep going,” he smiled. She grinned excitedly as Liam pointed. “How many fingers do you have, sweet pea?” He tapped her nose. “One, two, three, four…?”

“Ive!” She said bouncing on Liam’s lap as he kissed her cheek.

You giggled as you watched Liam attack her cheek with six kisses. It had her squealing and she gasped. “Ick!” She said.

“Four more, baby,” he said knowingly. “What’s next?”

You held your fingers up. “There’s Rosy, Mumma, Dadda, Nana, Papa, Nicola, and Ruthie,” you showed her. “Can you count our family?” You asked.

Liam helped her count to six and she tapped each of your fingers as she did. Liam was so in love with her and he just thought she was the best little angel in the world. “Even, eigh, nye, teh!” She said happily at the end. Liam tickled her and she squealed. You laughed and Liam was so proud.

“My smart little baby, you’re so intelligent, little love,” he cooed and held her up above his head. “You’re my little baby Einstein,” he said and pulled her back down to kiss her tiny little nose. “Thank God, she got your nose.”

You laughed and rolled your eyes. “Your nose is fine, Li,” you smiled and leaned over to kiss his nose. “She’s beautiful just like you.”

“No, that’s all you, babe,” he said knowingly. He set Rosy on the floor and she bounced up and down as Liam stood up. He scooped you off the floor and placed you on the couch. Rosy was playing with her dolls in the middle of the floor. Liam straddled your waist and tickled you. You screeched with laughter and Rosy giggled and she wobbled over to help Liam.

“Thank you miss Rosy,” he said with a smile. “Can you give Mumma a kiss?” he asked and brought her up into his arms and then swooped her down to kiss you. You giggled and he settled her back on the floor. He leaned down so his forehead touched yours. “Thank you for giving me such a smart, little, sweet baby,” he cooed. You smiled.

“Thank you,” you whispered and kissed him. “Should we have Rosy count our kisses?” You asked with a smirk. He chuckled and moved off of you and helped you stand.

“She can’t count that high,” he whispered into your ear and then pinched your bum gently before he started to play with Rosy again. “My smart little love,” he cooed and pressed his lips to her forehead again. She giggled delightedly.

“Dadda!” she said and tossed herself into his chest for a big hug.