rosy pictures

When working on your goals …

1. Stop fantasising: Those with too rosy a picture of the future tend to put less effort into reaching their goals. Instead, it’s better to be open to some things going wrong. It will help you see the obstacles - and think through beating them.

2. Visualise process NOT outcome: If you can think through all the steps you will forge a better plan … and it will also help to reduce anxiety.

3. Beware of the “what-the-hell effect”: Too many just give up when they stumble or fall down. For example, think of all the dieters who binge at the first hurdle. It’s better to get up – and to see it as a journey.

4. Attack procrastination: It’s easy to procrastinate when things start getting tough. Make a start, keep your head down, and set yourself some deadlines. Once you start you’ll feel much better and the road won’t seem so hard.

5. Switch out of robot mode: A lot of behaviour is robotic and habitual. We copy other people or we do the same old things. Take stock … and change those patterns … if they don’t lead to your goals.

6. Know when enough is enough: Sometimes we need to know when there’s no point in going on. We’re flogging a dead horse and thing are never going to change. Perhaps it’s time to make that break, and to work on something else.


This was about 10pm in May just after a day of patchy, moody showers. I don’t think I’ve ever been so fascinated by such wondrous sight ever. I don’t think I can properly describe the feeling that this scene gave to me but I’m going to try. The air was warm and the breeze playfully fluttered around my face and about my hair. The light drizzle of rain was invigorating and my skin was dewy with droplets, almost luminous in the pinkish light. Every time I took a deep breath, and I mean a deep breath, as in filling your lungs completely, of the fresh, clear and crisp air, I almost felt like I was in some sort of book description or something, like I felt radiant, and I imagined my eyes to be sparkling with wonder…I don’t know, it sounds weird but that’s the closest I can come to what I felt. As we crossed canals around The Nine Streets I felt like I couldn’t get enough. I kept twirling around, trying to soak in everything at once. The clouds just wouldn’t stay still! Every time they moved, a more beautiful scene morphed out of the former. The colours bloomed and transformed from cool blues to soft pinks until they formed this scene in the picture. Rosy-fingered, flocculent clouds floated softly in front of a crisp, pure blue, tinged with a faint goldish-yellow. The canal below was streaked with colour and glowed softly, winking at me from below. The whole scene was simply magical. There was some sort of heavenly, ethereal beauty that just refused to be captured on camera. 

John needs change for a larger bill, so Sherlock says he might have some smaller notes. When John opens up Sherlock’s wallet to look, he see a small photo of John and Rosie from their trip to the zoo the month prior. John knew Sherlock had snapped the picture (he had Sherlock forward it to him), but he hadn’t realized at Sherlock had taken the time to print it out.

It wasn’t until later in the day, after he and Sherlock had long overdue conversation including some confessions, that John discovered the zoo picture was also Sherlock’s phone background.

Just imagine...

-John running his fingers through Sherlock’s dark brown curls.
-Sherlock sleeping in John’s chest.
-Sherlock saving pictures of Rosie in his phone.
-John having a picture of Rosie and Sherlock as his phone wallpaper.
-Sherlock and Rosie walking in the park holding hands.
-Rosie calling Sherlock “daddy” “pappa”.
-John and Sherlock holding hands while taking a quiet walk at the park.
-Sherlock referring to Rosie as “Watson” / “little Watson”.
-John calling Sherlock “Love”.
-John uploading his blog again.