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Kevin Cage of @spotlightsaga reviews…
Rosewood (S02E15) ‘Clavicle Trauma & Closure’
Airdate: February 10, 2017 @foxtv
Ratings: 2.910 Million :: 0.7 18-49 Demo Share
Score: 6.75/10


With as up and down as Rosewood can be as a series, and as much as I come down hard on it when it flatlines, it feels so good to watch an episode come at you with everything it’s got! 'Clavicle Trauma & Closure’ is the most exciting and emotionally fulfilling episode since 'Rosewood’ returned on its winter break with that hostage situation. It may feel a little too soon to give Rosie the closure that he’s so desperately needed with Tawnya, but I think it’s better to shut the door now so that Rosie’s health issues can finally be addressed, which is essentially the more pressing issue… But both of the moments where Tawnya was put in her place… first Momma Donna Rosewood making the visit to her in jail and basically telling her 'sob story or not, I’m going to destroy you if you walk’… And of course the end where Rosie practiced a bit of emotional manipulation and said, “It doesn’t feel good to see you lose your freedom… It feels GREAT!” well, that was the icing on the cake and a great way to put a lid on this story arc that nearly destroyed the man.

To really hammer this episode home, we were finally given a compelling case… One not only worked out from both sides, Team Villa & Team Rosie… But one that added a bit of extra mystery and ambiguity through everyone questioning Rosie’s motivations in 'helping’ Tawnya. Basically, Rosie was saying, 'Sure I’ll help clear your name, but I’m still talking you down in the process.’ Leaving that a surprise, till the end was a great way to drum up extra drama, suspense, and I guarantee just like all the characters (family and friends of Rosie’s), every audience member was questioning Rosie’s motives and pleading at the tv, 'Please, Rosie, don’t fall for this manipulative bitch again!’ I know that’s exactly what I was thinking!

I know Rosie is at a weak moment in his life, but it’s nice to know that his spirit still remains. Morris Chestnut has been a driving force in this series, and the sole reason while many have stayed loyal to the series through bad episodes, lazy story arcs, and even the move to Friday nights. 'Rosewood’ may still be very much a 'bubble show’ in terms of cancellation/renewal, it’s hanging on by a thread… But this past week’s release of a former Friday night episode’s L+7 (that’s Live Ratings + the 7 day DVR increase and also doesn’t include Hulu views) put 'Rosewood’ rounding out the bottom of the 'Top 25’ in overall percentages gained. So it may look bleak, but believe me 'Rosewood’ fans, it’s not over yet.

hello! this is the blougs network made by milait and dollyys.

we want this to work as an amazing source so people can find lots of new blogs that are similar to theres so please read below to find out more! 

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