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This is a new rosy network started by me, Emma (daisie-haze),  Hannah (blushwishes), and Karen (rosy-secret).  It is for worshipping our queen - Ariana Grande, making new friends, and helping out other rosy blogs with gaining followers/html/etc! 

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Introducing “The Happy Rosy Blogs Network”! This is pretty much a network for any and all happy rosy blogs who would like to join!


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My sister was watching Nickelodeon tonight and Sophia Grace and Rosie’s Royal Adventure came on. I sat next to her for literally two minutes and then Artemis Crock appeared on screen!

This was such an interesting Young Justice Cameo. They had one of the princesses cosplay as Artemis Crock throughout most of the movie (as an awesome YJ fan should). Heck, she even wore the costume to dinner with other famous figure heads.

Not to mention the fact that she has a lot of YJ memorabilia in her bedroom…that you can only enter through a revolving bookcase.

M'Gann beautiful amazing art, YJ and Invasion posters blown up, and even an Artemis mural on her wall! Not only that but she also has Raven and Starfire action figures.

We’ve had so many YJ cameos since the show ended and I love the fact that this keeps the memory of it alive. I just wish they could bring the show back. The next YJ event is the TT/YJ crossover, I think.

P.S. Can we have ‘U Can’t Touch This’ be Artemis’s character song?

Carys, Lara, Jamie, and Kat are introducing you the Rosy Blogs network!!

This is the first network, that I know of, for everyone, and anyone rosy! This will be a very active network and I hope it works out!

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It would be nice if you…

But that is completely up to you, and you guys don’t have to. (:


  • you will get to meet many different rosy blogs that you’ve never even heard of
  • you will have the chance to be featured every month as either a new or experience rosy blog
  • you will make so many new friends!
  • you’ll get tons of advice whenever needed

Higher Chances?

  • None! This is for everybody!


  • I made this temporary banner ;p
  • if you know new rosy blogs, refer them to me, or tell them to message me! (or one of the other admins of course)
  • Go here if you want to suggest advice for the upcoming network!
  • when you message us, one of the admins, tell us if you are a new rosy blog, 3 months or less.
  • *edit* go here if you want to check out the page *edit*

That’s it lovelies! Reblog so we don’t look stupid!