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My photo. My Anna and Elsa makeup bag along with some of the stuff that is in it (This has been featured on my insta). Please don’t delete this text or source cuties! xx

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Viktor waking up before Yuuri and just admiring him in the early morning sunlight :3c

This is so soft and warm akjsdkahk thank you!

Viktor has never really thought much about being an early riser. He’s just become used to waking up not long after the sun over the years; a mixture of getting up to take Makkachin for morning walks and a desire to get on the ice early in the day. It’s just the way that he’s always functioned. Morning are, for the most part, easy for him. 

But he didn’t really start to appreciate mornings until he was blessed with the privilege of getting to wake up next to a certain Katsuki Yuuri every day. 

He wakes in a pool of soft warmth, the room coming alive around him in pieces; blankets pulled up to his chin, the sticky staleness of morning breath on his tongue, sturdy, warm legs tangled with his own, the rosy-gold morning light filtering in through the window. Each fragment comes together with a familiar, leisurely slowness as he blinks his eyes open and arches his back in a stretch. 

His first coherent thought of the day: Yuuri

He rolls over onto his side and the corners of his mouth curve in a small, gentle smile, his chest fills with the lightness of contentment. Yuuri is curled up on his side, facing Viktor, one hand resting on the pillow beside his face, mouth opened slightly to let out the sound of his soft breathing. His hair is disheveled and hanging messily over his forehead, sticking out around his ears.

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I found those 2 nailpolish recently and I think they go on quiet nicely.

The Essence nailpolish is called Hello Rosy and the flower glitters are from Nails Inc and it’s called Daisy Lane.

v important scenario: haru is cooking dinner in the kitchen of his and makoto’s shared apartment while makoto finishes up his schoolwork in the living room. soft music plays in the background. makoto comes up behind haru and wraps his arms around him. haru smiles and places his hand over makoto’s, leaning back against him. after several quiet moments he turns in makoto’s arms, settles his hands on his hips and they begin to dance around the room laughing, eyes full of love. the sun is setting and the rosy, golden light filters through the windows.