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A soft breeze by Adam Bird Photography
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Modern Noir Songs

Playlist: 0:00 San Telmo - Tarantella 3:12 Goodnight Moon - Shivaree 7:15 My Love - Kovacs 11:15 Hero - Lissie 14:50 Rosy Path - Elysian Fields 18:00 Cold Blooded - The Pretty Reckless 21:05 Happy - Kat Frankie 26:04 Build the Fire - Kal Cahoone 29:37 Between the Bars - Seth Avett & Jessica Lea Mayfield 32:05 Handbrake - Micatone 36:06 Temptation - Clara Bakker (Tom Waits cover) 39:42 Think Twice - Groove Armada 45:43 Just - Ghostlight Orchestra 51:56 Beside the Shalimar - Kal Cahoone 56:16 Wicked Game - Hula-Hifi

Imagine Sam, Pippin, Merry and Frodo fighting to dance with you

doortjen || imagines

Finally the day is here. You had been waiting for it for months! Bilbo Baggins’ 111th birthday party is tonight! Since the moment you woke up, you have been trying dress after dress and still you haven’t found the right one to wear, dammit! You are mostly looking forward to the dancing. You still have no idea with who though. Maybe with Frodo? He’s a handsome fellow. But Sam would be fine too, you think. ‘Wait,’ crosses your mind. ‘Won’t Gandalf be there tonight too? That means… fireworks!’ Your mood is just getting better and better.

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