rosy faced lovebirds

Ameblo 17/02/18 - Pino-chan

Everyone, thank you for your comments.

I’m sorry for not updating my social media enough lately.

I was hesitating about whether or not to notify you all, but eventually I thought that I had to, so I decided to write it out.

My rosy-faced lovebird Pino, who I loved like a child, went to heaven a few days ago.

It was a very sudden thing. It’s been about ten years since I welcomed him into my home.

He was a very meek coward who loved sunflower seeds.

He kept running after his beloved Pucho rather than spend time with humans at the beginning, and so I wasn’t able to embrace him a lot.

For the past year Pino’s health started to worsen, so I had more opportunities to spend time one on one with him. It felt like I was another person, and I was glad that I was able to understand him.

Pino had big dark pupils and would reply when you called his name.

He was really, really, really cute. So cute that Pino was #1 in terms of charm and cuteness.

Thank you for coming to my home.

There were times lately where I would spend a month away from home, and so I’d wonder when the I’d be able to see my birds if I missed the chance to see them. And so in order to meet my birds, I’d go home only for two hours on some days.

On those days I would see my birds healthy as always, and then I would part from Nagoya.

It happened after that.

A few days ago I was able to return to Nagoya, and gave Pino-chan a farewell message: “If you’re born again, please come to my house.”

Every day was painful and lonely, and I couldn’t stop crying at night. I was full of regrets.

In spite of that I had work and album events and theatre performances to go to, and everyone asked me “Have you been overdoing it?” I didn’t want to worry you and so until today I gave updates without showing my feelings.

I’ll do my best to not forget any of the joy Pino gave me. I believe that I’ll able to meet his reborn, healthy body.

Life will come to an end someday. Someday we’ll have to part.

Therefore we need to cherish the present. So as to not have any regrets, let’s take the time to fill those we love with our affection.

This is very selfish of me, but I have a favour to ask of you.

Whenever you meet me from now on during a handshake event or another event, I’d like you to avoid bringing up this topic…

My heart still hasn’t recovered. I’m sorry.

I’d also prefer if you didn’t write about this in weird ways online. It was very painful when I saw things written in fine detail about my previous birds on Wikipedia.

Please don’t write about it as part of my news.

(I don’t know if writing that here will have any effect though)

I’m sorry, and thank you.

That’s all.

I’m sorry for the heavy topic.

Many thanks to everyone who loved Pino-chan (*^_^*)

I took these pictures on the last day I saw Pino healthy. He’s with Pucho, who loved him a lot.

I’ll start recovering from tomorrow!

Takayanagi Akane