finally got around to journaling the family trip to new mexico last summer! i haven’t posted journal pics here in a while (probably like…2 years yikes) so i wanted to share bc i’m happy with how they turned out! catch my mom in the bottom left posing with an alien in one of the roswell gift shops

Decided while we were at the fair that as well as helping out at Vlad’s (Kingu’s Heavy OC) mums tea shop in Russia, the boys help work at one of Vlads friends carnival things ! Vlad and his mates like to fill Roswell up on food and sugary junk then stick him on the biggest, fastest ride they’ve got

He also has to help out managing the kids rides because he hates children.

ineptidao asked:

Está acabando "os porquês de Amélia Roswell" mesmo?? Parabéns! E como que é mais ou menos a capa que você imaginou? Estou super curiosa

Estou sim, finalmente. Ele é bem dramático, por ela ser muito intensa ela descreve tudo o que está sentindo. Aí para conseguir escrever eu demorei muito idfksdofkopjf É metade do rosto da Amélia, porque ela usa oculos, sardinhas e franjas sdflkdpsfk

Conspiracy Theories

by  Saṃsāran

The internet is rife with conspiracy theories. Stories about Flat Earth, fake moon landings, Illuminati, the Trilateral Commission, the Protocols of the Elders of Zion, 9/11, the Freemasons, Area 51, the assassination of President Kennedy, Roswell and others. All of these subjects make for interesting study and many genuine questions are raised.

People have plenty of reasons to suspect conspiracies involving business and government. The United States government DID secretly infect African American men with syphilis, it DID administer LSD secretly to American citizens, it DID fabricate the Gulf of Tonkin incident and lie about it to get public support for what became the Vietnam War, it DID engage in a cover-up with respect to the Kennedy assassination by down playing Oswald’s connection to the Soviet Union out of fear that the public would demand armed retaliation, it DID engage in an entire campaign of falsehood during the Vietnam war, it did harass and intimidate Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. illegally bugging his hotel room, blackmailing him and even trying to convince him to commit suicide, it DID during J. Edgar Hoover’s tenure at the FBI routinely blackmail political figures, celebrities and others, it DID engage in the covert other throw of democratically elected regimes to ensure profits for American business interests and lie about it to the American people. Big oil DID kill the electric car and the mass transit industry in the U.S.

The list goes on and on. However, all of the conspiracies outlined above have been proven with facts. Many of the facts coming from whistle blowers within the organizations. You see, people cannot keep secrets especially if there is a buck to be made by spilling the beans.  Conspiracy theories which rely upon the assumption of a vast network of conspirators and which none have ever come forward just fly in the face of human nature and common sense.

Why in the world would the Illuminati or the Freemasons plant “secret messages” in things like the currency or the National seal? If you want to have a secret society wouldn’t it be best, you know, to keep it secret? When it comes to conspiracy theories what I need is good hard facts.  Not allegations. Not speculation. Not hearsay. Facts with supporting back up documentation. Facts which stand up to Occam’s razor. Motives which are believable. In a word, give me real evidence and I will consider any theory. Give me unsubstantiated allegations and I will dismiss them. Call me a “sheep” or tell me that I am being “duped by the establishment” for so doing and I will dismiss you.

OC Masterpost (Vlad and Roswell.)

A little (Long) something Daskingu and myself have been working on for a bit about our OC’s, Vladmir and Roswell!

I’m gonna’ put it under the cut for lengths sake

Warning, a couple of bullet-points are NSFW !
We’ll be adding as we go. We’ve thought of so much for them it’s hard to think of it to write down all at once :’) 

So, here we go !

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