roswell 30 day challenge


Roswell 30 Day Challenge: The Best Season Finale

If I could only say one true thing about Roswell and honestly be passionate about it, it would be this: The Season 3/Series Finale was the most amazing episode of the entire show and the best season finale of any show that I have ever seen. And that is a fact. And something that I am oddly passionate about and a statement that I will fight for til I die. Now for those of you who may not agree, all I can ask is: Why?

Graduation had everything going for it. To me, this episode did the whole series justice. It was phenomenal. It had heart and a good story and love and so much emotions, which is why I think I love it so much.
When Liz first had her vision, I knew it was going to be amazing. Already. When Michael said goodbye to Maria it was the most sweet and yet heartbreaking thing ever. We all knew that those two would be together forever. I cried so much. When Isabel and Jesse (I did not picture them, because I was limited, sorry!) had to say goodbye I felt horrible for the two. They were not my favorite but they at least deserved a happy ending. When Max proposed to Liz, that was just heart melting. And the thing that always gets me the most is when Sheriff Valenti and Kyle say good bye. I break down every time at that moment. Kyle never asked to be a part of that world. He was saved, and they were grateful yes. But it somehow ruined their lives. Sheriff lost his job, Kyle’s life changed drastically. And although I do like him better in the second and third season, I think it was really unfair that everything in his life had to change. And Kyle ended up having to say goodbye to the one person in his life who he cared about the most. And it kills me every time.

When Liz’s father is reading the diary, I’d like to think he was/is super proud of his daughter. And I hope they all had a happy ending. They deserved it.

30 Days of Roswell

20. Your least favorite season

Definitely the third one, I don’t like it at all. It only has like three episodes that I actually like – other episodes were just painful to watch. Everything had changed between seasons 2 & 3: all the actors looked completely different and for example Katherine Heigl had aged over ten years because of her clothes and new hair style (I understand that the third season was made later than the others but that’s no excuse). The characters had changed in other ways, too – they were nothing like those people we used to love in earlier seasons. The feeling of Roswell that I love so much had nearly completely vanished and most of the episodes were really boring. We lost many amazing characters such as Brody and Amy DeLuca without any explanation. The main thing that made me furious was that the characters weren’t a tight group of friends anymore, they all worked in pairs or alone, and I really missed them all being together. I remember watching these episodes and just thinking “Wow, what have they done to my favorite show?” However, I’m really grateful we got the third season because otherwise the story would not have been finished, and I do love the last episode, a lot. 


Roswell 30 Day Challenge: The Worst Season Finale

Okay, these things suck. Because they didn’t have any “worst season finale” they were all amazing! Some of the best episodes. But having to pick one, I will say Season 2. I was so close to picking Season 1 because I love this episode, but I chose The Departure because I feel like they rushed it a little, which they did. They had more to it but they had to cut it down, sadly due to time restraints. I’d love to see the extras to it though!

30 Days of Roswell

22. Your favorite season

I have been asked this a lot over the years and even now l can’t give you an answer. I love both season 1 and 2 equally; they have different merits but god they are both great.

The first season is the start of everything, without it there would be nothing. It does a great job creating the world of Roswell. It is packed suspense-wise as well: Valenti at first, the mysterious Nasedo, Topolsky, Hubbles, Pierce… There’s not a dull moment. Seeing Valenti change sides was also a highlight moment for me. However, the thing I love most about season 1 is the Max/Liz relationship. Its beginning is just pure perfection, it’s utterly beautiful. They are beautiful. I loved everything about them from their first scene of the season to their last. It was amazing to sit on the edge of my seat and wait for their first kiss – and still, their love was beyond that even early on, you could see they were soul mates long since any physical contact happened, and that was just great.

Season two then. It develops the characters more and puts even bigger obstacles on their way. I love that we get to know some characters more (for example Isabel and Kyle). It’s both sad and at the same time interesting to see Isabel coping with her past,  Kyle and Tess’s scenes are hilarious, the “twins” of the alien characters are beyond interesting, Valenti having to sacrifice his career makes me cry every time… The plots are full of suspense, again: remember the Wipeout and the Skins? Whitaker with Isabel and injured Tess? The alien parasite? The murder of poor Alex?  I love how their enemies get bigger and bigger. I also love the more complex relationships of this season, especially the heartbreaking episode of The End of the World. Max and Liz’s relationship is my favorite in this season, too, because it’s far from perfect but you can still see they are meant for each other. I like Tess’s plots as well, though I seem to be in a minority in this one. And of course Alex’s death was a true tragedy and Roswell did terrific job at describing different ways to grieve. 

What’s your favorite season?