roswell 30 day challenge


Roswell 30 Day Challenge: The Best Season Finale

If I could only say one true thing about Roswell and honestly be passionate about it, it would be this: The Season 3/Series Finale was the most amazing episode of the entire show and the best season finale of any show that I have ever seen. And that is a fact. And something that I am oddly passionate about and a statement that I will fight for til I die. Now for those of you who may not agree, all I can ask is: Why?

Graduation had everything going for it. To me, this episode did the whole series justice. It was phenomenal. It had heart and a good story and love and so much emotions, which is why I think I love it so much.
When Liz first had her vision, I knew it was going to be amazing. Already. When Michael said goodbye to Maria it was the most sweet and yet heartbreaking thing ever. We all knew that those two would be together forever. I cried so much. When Isabel and Jesse (I did not picture them, because I was limited, sorry!) had to say goodbye I felt horrible for the two. They were not my favorite but they at least deserved a happy ending. When Max proposed to Liz, that was just heart melting. And the thing that always gets me the most is when Sheriff Valenti and Kyle say good bye. I break down every time at that moment. Kyle never asked to be a part of that world. He was saved, and they were grateful yes. But it somehow ruined their lives. Sheriff lost his job, Kyle’s life changed drastically. And although I do like him better in the second and third season, I think it was really unfair that everything in his life had to change. And Kyle ended up having to say goodbye to the one person in his life who he cared about the most. And it kills me every time.

When Liz’s father is reading the diary, I’d like to think he was/is super proud of his daughter. And I hope they all had a happy ending. They deserved it.

30 Days of Roswell

7. Favorite Max Evans scene


LIZ: Healing all of those kids…why did you do it?
MAX: After I healed Sydney, I…I looked at the face of the boy lying next to her, and I just thought…how can I not…how can I not use my gift?


When Max breaks into the hospital with Michael and cures the cancer of a roomful of children, episode 2.10 Roswell Christmas Carol. I think that in this scene we see who Max Evans really is. He might have gotten the idea to save Sydney just because he wanted to get rid of his own baggage but once he has healed Sydney and sees all the other sick kids, he cannot stop. He is a good man and wants to save everyone. Even though he understands that he loses some of his powers every time he heals a kid, even though he can finally barely stand and is more exhausted than ever, he doesn’t stop. He keeps on saving the kids, and I believe he wouldn’t have stopped even if he was dying. He is a good-hearted man and a true hero, our Max. 


15. A scene/moment that made you laugh

Roswell 30 Day Challenge: Your Favorite Quote

“What’s so great about normal?”

After she met Max, nothing in Liz’s life was normal anymore. Normal being, what she was used to. And it was great for her because she had never felt so amazed or thrilled. She was very much “safe” before. And once she was brought back to life, normal was boring. And I love that.
Even though in S3 she said she needed normal again, she went on to choose the life that wasn’t normal because it was so much better. In that life she had Max, Michael, Isabel, Maria and Kyle and that was better to her than what “normal” could offer.

30 Days of Roswell

9. Favorite Maria DeLuca scene

I’ve really gotta pee. See…I, I’ve…I have this like really weak bladder condition and I drank a big gulp at the last station, and it had caffeine, you know, so it makes me have to go even more. So he was just driving really fast so we could get to the next station so I could pee.


This scene from 1.06 always cracks me up – the lie is so absurd yet very believable and I love the facial expressions of both Maria and Michael. I also love how Maria steps up when Michael needs her, despite the fact that she is really mad at him. This is one of their first bonding moments and shows that even though Maria doubted the whole thing for a long time (you know, whether to trust the aliens or not), she is still there when needed. She understands that going to Texas is important to Michael and that’s a good enough reason for her to lie to an officer. 


12. A scene/moment that pissed you off

30 Days of Roswell

1. Your favorite female character

This has to be Liz Parker. She is loyal, brave, kind, smart… She loves people with all of her heart and looks out for them. She is ready to give up her own happiness in order to save others (like we so heart-breakingly saw in “The End of the World”), she is ready to show mercy even to Tess who screwed up her relationship with Max and killed her best friend. She knows when it’s time to look after herself for a while and not to stay with a boy who’s hurting her. She can be goofy and cute as well as intelligent. She is extremely beautiful and I love how she pronounces the letter g at the end of a word. She is the perfect character and yet she still has flaws that make her human: for example, she is too afraid to help Michael in “River Dog”. Her love story with Max is the best of all times, in my opinion. 


7. Favorite Max Evans scene


Roswell 30 Day Challenge: The Worst Season Finale

Okay, these things suck. Because they didn’t have any “worst season finale” they were all amazing! Some of the best episodes. But having to pick one, I will say Season 2. I was so close to picking Season 1 because I love this episode, but I chose The Departure because I feel like they rushed it a little, which they did. They had more to it but they had to cut it down, sadly due to time restraints. I’d love to see the extras to it though!

Roswell 30 Day Challenge: Least Favorite Couple

Well, I could say Max & Tess but that would be too easy. Plus to me, they were never really a “couple”. To be honest, none of them were like… “Will you be my bf/gf?” It always just happened. Anyhow, not that I didn’t like Jesse & Isabel, I just always felt like it should have been Kyle and Isabel. I thought it was a really terrible idea to have someone else come into the group. It was just really unfair to Isabel because she couldn’t tell Jesse and it was unfair to him because he knew that she was keeping something. I feel like they could’ve done a relationship for her in a better way.

Roswell 30 Day Challenge: The Best Season

Honestly, I love season 2 way too much. I feel like in this season their stories developed so much more, and the characters developed so much more, and I was really happy about that. They had some pretty fantastic episodes in this season as well! Like Summer of ‘47, The End of the World, Viva Las Vegas. All some of my favorite episodes! The characters developed too. I feel like Liz got to be so much stronger and more confident. Kyle wasn’t the villain anymore and I love it. He developed so much more and and more heart than any other character and he found a way to deal with all the crazy. I seriously believe that Buddhism helped him out. I just love season 2. I thought it was the best of all the 3 :)

30 Days of Roswell

19. Your least favorite character

I’ll start by saying that Maria in the Roswell High books is my favorite character: she is sweet, innocent, generous, and has a big heart. However, I don’t like Maria in the tv series at all, one of the main reasons being that I dislike Majandra Delfino a lot. Her Maria is quite distant, over-dramatic and annoying when compared to the book version and I also don’t like the fact that they made Maria to be such a comical character. I don’t buy her comedy at all, it’s mostly just awkward.  Maria of the tv series is also quite selfish (everything is always about her – for example the way she takes over Alex’s band in Blind Date is obnoxious and unfair, let alone how she complains about her part in the last episode when all the others are in grave danger). She also acts like she is better than anyone else and like Michael is never good enough for her; she tries to change him constantly from season 1 to the end of season 3.