I’ll be honest. Which, I know I’ll regret doing, because this is tumblr and shun anyone with an opinion. But i really didn’t get the whole robots in skirts and christmas paraphernalia on dicks thing. it’s going to continue though and I had this picture in my old files from almost a year ago and figured I’d share.

He’s a real twig once you get that chest armor off. It was all a joke between friends over how Whiplash would refuse to be seen in public on a date with someone unless they looked nice. He’s shallow like that.

Pinstripes yo



Casual reminder that it’s Robots in Suits January, not just “Transformers in suits” so seriously everyone, draw your non human robot OC’s, draw some Braves, draw feminine characters, and remember that Rococo suits are a thing and the are A+ fabulous, and you can take inspiration from anywhere and make your own costume and stuff just lemme see dat tailored stuff on robots :D