Chris Colfer discussing how his extensive forensics experience helped him create Struck By Lightning:

Struck By Lightning has been brewing in my head since I was at least sixteen, and a lot of the story is based on or similar to experiences that I went through in high school. In this movie I get to play a character who I really wish I was in high school, and I get to say things to people that I really wish I was brave enough to say in high school. It’s been with me for awhile, and originally, I turned it into an event for speech and debate, and competed with it for speech and debate. I either did very well or I did not do well at all, I can’t remember. I’ve always known that I’ve wanted to adapt it into a screenplay eventually, and I did during seasons one and two of Glee, and now we’re here.” [x]

“I am the only one from my district to win three consecutive Valley Championships, in OPP [Original Prose and Poetry], HI [Humorous Interpretation], and DI [Dramatic Interpretation]… I guess I liked OPP best, because it let me create my own story. You could immerse yourself in the character.” [x]


Wiz Khalifa - No Sleep (Official Music Video)

.. Mac makes a cameo :)