Chris Colfer discussing how his extensive forensics experience helped him create Struck By Lightning:

Struck By Lightning has been brewing in my head since I was at least sixteen, and a lot of the story is based on or similar to experiences that I went through in high school. In this movie I get to play a character who I really wish I was in high school, and I get to say things to people that I really wish I was brave enough to say in high school. It’s been with me for awhile, and originally, I turned it into an event for speech and debate, and competed with it for speech and debate. I either did very well or I did not do well at all, I can’t remember. I’ve always known that I’ve wanted to adapt it into a screenplay eventually, and I did during seasons one and two of Glee, and now we’re here.” [x]

“I am the only one from my district to win three consecutive Valley Championships, in OPP [Original Prose and Poetry], HI [Humorous Interpretation], and DI [Dramatic Interpretation]… I guess I liked OPP best, because it let me create my own story. You could immerse yourself in the character.” [x]

OT5,NB,Sony & Wiz Khalifa

When I saw this article (and in The Sun too) today about a connection between 1D/Harry Styles & Wiz Khalifa (may 2015)…

I thought abt : - these articles we got on MARCH 3 2015 from the mirror, hollyscope and heatworld

Many don’t believe zayn was in LA the only proof is a pic on a beach with Mike Navarra from Sony…but that’s the official narrative so let’s pretend.

 - on MARCH 28 2015 we got this

+ in 2013 Wiz & Zayn were pictured at the VMAs right before Naughty Boy & Wiz went to the studio together for Hotel Cabana..

NB & Wiz Khalifa wrote together Think about it”  the fourth single from Naughty Boy’s debut album.(Wiz real name is Thomaz Cameron Jibril).

NB’s itw on XTRA In The Morning explaining why he chose Wiz Khalifa for his album : at 3:00 =>

NB’s itw with rolling stone for Hotel Cabana promo, November 12, 2013.

The Bustle (from 08-19-2014about NB producing songs like ‘One chance to dance’ for “Four” for a darker/edgier atmosphere à la wiz khalifa that could be the next step for 1D’s musical progression (article is from2014 obviously now we know nb/zayn songs were rejected but will it be the sound of the fifth album?). 

And even though Wiz Khalifa is with Rostrum Records/Atlantic Recording Corporation ..Sony Music tweeted this recently (tweet)

that’s because Sony music Australia signed Rostrum in APRIL 2015… (X -tweet /article - the music network)

(+ we already know NB has a joint venture with Sony/ATV publishing called Naughty Words and a recording contract with EMI). Now Sony music Australia (and Sony Music?) is linked to Wiz Khalifa ..let’s give these headlines from March 2015 another look…

Zayn (Sony music) walk off stage sick in Australia (march 2015) then partayyy hours later with Wiz Khalifa (who will be signed 2 weeks later by Sony Australia) once again, we only have a pic on “a” beach with mike navarra but that’s the narrative  and now (may 2015) “Wiz wants to work w/1D” (here) .

After the Oasis connection between Noel Gallagher, Naughty Boy & Simon Cowell, we get a connection between Wiz Khalifa, OT5, Naughty Boy & Sony and both of them (Oasis and Wiz) got some headlines in The Sun this week linking them to OT5