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I've always kind of wondered this: what exactly is a True Bug?

OH YAY an excuse for me to be a nerd!!!

There’s a group of insects called true bugs! It’s a common name for the group, the same way “beetle” is a common name for a large group of insects. I hope that makes sense???

True bugs are an order of insect, the scientific name is hemiptera!! Hemipterans include stink bugs, assassin bugs, cicadas, bed bugs, aphids, and more!

The main characteristic that makes an insect a TRUE bug is it’s mouth part! True bugs have what are called rostrums. They’re long, piercing mouth parts that usually are kept under the insects body, but when the insect needs to eat, it extends out its rostrum to pierce whatever it’s eating. There are true bugs that only eat plant matter, but there’s others that suck the fluids out of other insects!!! It’s fucking badass!!!

The other main characteristic has to do with their wings, but it’s actually a bit complicated, cuz there’s a suborder or Hemipterans known as heteropterans who have different wings (heteropterans are cicadas and aphids and those tiny bugs that hop really far and fast)

I mean in my experience of studying insects, and even asking my entomology professor one time to clarify, the scientific community can’t seem to come to a consensus about if heteropterans are a kind of Hemipteran or if they deserve a whole order all to themselves. But I really love them, so for biased reasons, I want them to count as true bugs

Tldr; true bugs are a specific kind of insect that happens to be one of my favorites

When I made my url, it was entirely based on that I loved true bugs the most at the time, but wow has it ever stuck, and it’s become part of my identity

(I think my favorite kind of insect now are honey bees specifically, but probably all hymenopterans, which is the group of bees, ants, and wasps, but Hemipterans are still my second fave group and VERY close to my heart forever)


Chris Colfer discussing how his extensive forensics experience helped him create Struck By Lightning:

Struck By Lightning has been brewing in my head since I was at least sixteen, and a lot of the story is based on or similar to experiences that I went through in high school. In this movie I get to play a character who I really wish I was in high school, and I get to say things to people that I really wish I was brave enough to say in high school. It’s been with me for awhile, and originally, I turned it into an event for speech and debate, and competed with it for speech and debate. I either did very well or I did not do well at all, I can’t remember. I’ve always known that I’ve wanted to adapt it into a screenplay eventually, and I did during seasons one and two of Glee, and now we’re here.” [x]

“I am the only one from my district to win three consecutive Valley Championships, in OPP [Original Prose and Poetry], HI [Humorous Interpretation], and DI [Dramatic Interpretation]… I guess I liked OPP best, because it let me create my own story. You could immerse yourself in the character.” [x]


Wiz Khalifa - No Sleep (Official Music Video)

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