rosto piper

Provost's Dog Audition Meme - Part 2

Yes, hi, I will be auditioning for Rebekah Cooper and I’ll be singing “Is There a Ghost” - submitted by anon

Hi, I’ll be auditioning for Tunstall today, and I’ll be singing Be Prepared from The Lion King - submitted by dauntlessly-beloved-slytherin

Hi, il be auditioning for the role of Beka Cooper with the song “Ghostbusters” - submitted by lemoose42

I’m auditioning for Rosto the Piper, I’ll be singing Almost by Bowling for Soup.  - submitted by splatzie

Hi, I’m auditioning for the entire Provost’s Dog series with “Who Let the Dogs Out” - submitted by excitedandpirates

Hi, I’m auditioning for the role of Tunstall and I’ll be singing “Shot Through The Heart (and you’re to blame)” - submitted by anon

Hi, my name is Rosto and I’ll be singing “(Will you) Light my Candle?” from RENT. - submitted by gwinevak

Hi, I’m auditioning for Slapper, and I’ll be singing ‘The Wind Beneath My Wings’ - submitted by anon

Hi, we are the pigeons, and we will be auditioning with “always look on the bright side of life”. - submitted by peggaboo