Euch Sterblichen von morgen
    Prophezeih ich heut und hier:
      Bevor noch das nächste Jahrtausend beginnt,
       Ist der einzige Gott, dem jeder dient,
          die unstillbare Gier! 

                                                                                      Rostislav Kolpakov as Krolock 
                                                                                 photos by Ekaterina Shevchenko


AFTER LIKE YEARS I made a music vid for my fav musical ever (AND I FINALLY GOT TO SEE TDV IN MUNICH IN NOVEMBER AHHHH!) Hoping to make more with better software in the future! <3 


Jekyll & Hyde Russia - Rostislav Kolpakov, Natalia Dievskaya 

I love how physical and energetic Rostik is in this role!

*If you are epileptic, please do not watch this. I say this with your safety in mind.