Day 3 - What was I thinking when I planned this trip!

We are now resting in Patterdale at a small, quaint B&B. What a long, feet torturing day but with fantastic views and great weather – sunny and temps in the high 70s and low 80s. However, the Brits are all saying it is hot. 

We left Rosthwaite at about 9 am and headed to the top of the mountain. Again, the path was pretty much full of rocks with occasional stream crossings and bogs (sinking your boot into mud and water). However, none of that bothers the sheep.

After that long excursion we had a gentle walk passed a village where most people spend the night. But we had to make it to the next village, again up over a mountain. As we started up the mountain I asked one of local people out for a day hike how far it was to Patterdale. He said , “Oh bloody hell, you are a long ways from there.” That boosted my hiking spirits given my feet were complaining about the rocks. 

We did make it to Patterdale at 5:00 pm dead tired. Traveled about 17 miles, 41,000 steps.  We are a total of 46.6 miles into the C2C walk!  

Sorry there are no pictures. I couldn’t get it to post if I put pictures in. Maybe tomorrow.

Rock Garden Heaven

Day 2

Fun Facts: We are now in Rosthwaite, 29 total miles into our journey. Weather - Sunny and warm; Walked 41,591 Steps today and climbed as high as 2000 feet.

Now the details:

We started our hike by going half way around  Ennerdale Water.  You could take the North route or the South route. We chose the South route as it was shorter and described as a “scramble around”. Language lesson : Scramble around means you will be climbing or walking over rocks. Who knew? And we are not talking chip and seal!

Ennerdale Water

One of the “fun” descents.  Yes, that is a cliff at the bottom.

The whole trail around the lake looked like this.

After the “fun” lake hike we headed through a valley and then climbed one of the mountains. Beautiful view from the top.

We hiked all the way from the distant lake you can see.

Beautiful views the rest of the hike…but still “scrambling” on a lot of the trail. We met so many hikers on the trail. We didn’t realize that this weekend there were numerous famous competitions for hikes through the area. We were so into our hiking that we ended up going ½ mile past our B&B. Had to turn around so we added an extra mile just for the fun of it.