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Universal Language Part 4

So I’ve got inspired when I watched the World Cup (I’m still salty for that kick-goal, lol) and took my own spin at it. Rated E for sexual content. Endless gratitude to @papofglencoe for betaing and for being a wonderful person overall. 

Translations at the bottom. You can find previous parts on AO3 but you don’t have to read them before reading this.

A pair of warm hands envelops me from behind and settles on my stomach. The gesture is comforting, and I lean against Peeta’s chest.

“Good morning,” he whispers against my neck, giving it a wet kiss.

“Good morning,” I respond, resting my head on his. “Do you want coffee?”

“Yeah.” He gives me another kiss before letting go and takes a seat at the kitchen table as I hand him a cup.

“Here, you’ll need the energy,” I smirk.

Yesterday was my birthday, and boy, was it my birthday. Peeta had the entire day planned; breakfast in bed, a walk to the meadow where we had a picnic, and dinner at the restaurant where we had our first date. Whenever there was some time to spare, if only for a couple of minutes, he made sure I was fully taken care of. And I mean fully. I don’t know how many times his hand found its way down my panties, his fingers getting me off in no time. Hell, he even had time to go down on me in an alley outside the restaurant. I thought it would be hard to relax in that environment, afraid that someone might see, but it actually made it even more exhilarating, adding to the excitement.

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