On Mickey Milkovich, War, & Sex. Let’s talk about Shameless.


So I just read Emmy’s Variety interview some really great stuff but I’m sure everyone is pissed of at is when she was talking about Ian and Tevor.
“He’s a really important character, in terms of real contrast of Ian’s relationship with Mickey Milkovich. This is all love and that was war and sex.” Emmy Rossum re: Ian’s relationship with Trevor
Y'all are just going to act like the first five seasons don’t matter and didn’t happen like we didn’t watch the season four and five.
If they are going to act like Gallavich wasn’t real then I can just act like the show isn’t on air anymore.
This is literally disgusting to term Gallavich as simply “war and sex” when they literally and figuratively fought to be together if she had said love and war that would be okay but just sex like they didn’t love each other. I’m really disappointed in this whole rewriting history thing they’re trying to do