Pardon me while I take a moment to share a concept that really crystallized for me today,,, ~time and attention~… Ok, so NOTHING absolutely NOTHING can replace TIME and ATTENTION. It permeates everything, down to the molecules and particles of our bodies, the world we live in, the things around us and even our thoughts… The more time and attention we put into anything and anyone, will make it or them grow. So make sure you put your time and attention on, and into things and people you LOVE and things and people that LIGHT your way… Feel me?! …Ok. So now, PLEASE take a second, Look around, who or what do you see? Now Please take a minute to appreciate the people and things in your life that have given you time and attention, and that you have given your time and attention to… All that,, all that time and attention, that is love and light, & that is priceless… #spreadingloveandlightglobally #timeandattention #rossmorela #handmadejewelry #losangeles

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