I usually don’t write about volleyball because, let’s face it, I’m not an expert. But tonight I have to because the Italy NT made me fall in love with this sport back in 2012 and now this love is stronger than ever.
I can’t recall the last time I cried for a sports match but tonight I cried so much, like real tears and sobs. Because these guys made me laugh, cheer, jump on my seat, almost cry with joy after the semi-final against USA. And made me understand the beauty of this sport, the team spirit that drives it, the support the players give each other, the importance of staying together, side by side, after every point, scored or not. And I used to stupidly hate volleyball, just because, in middle and high school, I couldn’t play for the life of me, and my classmates used to make fun of me for that. I also have to thank my sister, who plays volleyball, and asked me to watch a game with her, and I was hooked.
So I want you to remember all these wonderful players and men who gifted us with this dream:
Osmany Juantorena, Matteo Piano, Simone Giannelli, Daniele Sottile, Ivan Zaytsev, Filippo Lanza, Simone Buti, Emanuele Birarelli, Salvatore Rossini, Oleg Antonov, Luca Vettori, Massimo Colaci.
And, of course, mister Chicco Blengini, who guided this great team to the final.
Thank you guys, just that. Thank you. ❤️ For being who you are, for the happiness, the tears, the smiles, the bravery and for everything that’s yet to come. I will always remember what you made me feel. You deserve only the best.

Modena volley has officially announced its complete roster for the 2016/17 season, along with the numbers that will appear on each players’ jersey:

#1   Brian Cook (USA), wing spiker
#4   Nemanja Petric (SRB), wing spiker, team captain
#5   Santiago Orduna (ARG), setter
#6   Jacopo Massari (ITA), wing spiker
#7   Salvatore Rossini (ITA), libero
#8   Swan Ngapeth (FRA), wing spiker
#9   Earvin Ngapeth (FRA), wing spiker
#10 Kevin Le Roux (FRA), middle blocker
#11  Matteo Piano (ITA), middle blocker
#12 Maxwell Holt (USA), middle blocker
#14 Samuel Onwuelo (ITA), opposite
#16 Nicola Salsi (ITA), setter
#17 Luca Vettori (ITA), opposite



I got something in my eye: emotional moments of the Italia Team at Rio 2016

1. Italvolley wins an epic semifinal against USA

Yes, it was a semi-final. Yes, we all know what happened two days later. And yet this remains one of the best sports events I’ve ever witnessed. The italian team plays an awful third set but rises from the ashes to win this incredible match. Zaytsev’s aces, the ball that’s in for millimeters, Colaci scoring a point, looked like signs from above. After some heart attacks, pillows thrown and actual tears, we couldn’t believe our eyes, just like Giannelli. What a ride. Grazie Ragazzi!


Tutto è deserto … Un soave non so che from Rossini’s La Cenerentola, sung by Edgardo Rocha and Serena Malfi.


Ivan Zaytsev: Sir Safety Perugia (Italy);
Simone Giannelli: Trentino Volley (Italy);
Luca Vettori: Modena Volley (Italy);
Filippo Lanza: Trentino Volley (Italy);
Osmany Juantorena: Lube Civitanova (Italy);
Simone Buti: Sir Safety Perugia (Italy);
Salvatore Rossini: Modena Volley (Italy);
Matteo Piano: Modena Volley (Italy);
Massimo Colaci; Trentino Volley (Italy);
Oleg Antonov: Trentino Volley (Italy);
Enrico Cester: Lube Civitanova (Italy);
Jacopo Massari: Modena Volley (Italy);
Jiří Kovář: Lube Civitanova (Italy);
Dragan Travica: Shahrdari Urmia VC (Iran);


[08.14.16] Shining Diamonds in Manila Day 1: Q&A segment

And so it was Boo Seungkwan’s turn to pick a question. He got an aegyo challenge one ㅋㅋ

He was so cuteeeee but but but I squealed when he saw Mingyu laughing at him & Mingyu suddenly (apologetically) hugging him. Like MY HEART STOPPED during that time like whyy Mingyu why?! TT

P.S Excuse me for cursing using my native language XD

Cr as tagged; Camera used was Lea Rossini’s.

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All That Glitters: A playlist for this Miraculous Ladybug fanfic

  1. Magpie: The Mountain Goats
  2. Ichirin No Hana: The High And Mighty Color
  3. How I Disappear: My Chemical Romance
  4. Quiet: Lights
  5. In The Woods Somewhere: Hozier
  6. Rabbit Heart: Florence + The Machine
  7. The Greatest Show Unearthed: Creature Feature
  8. Magica: Kalafina
  9. My Only Friend: Phantogram
  10. Spear Of Justice: Toby Fox
  11. Bloom: The Paper Kites
  12. Murder Of One: Counting Crows
  13. Cosmic Love: Florence + The Machine 
  14. The Thieving Magpie: Gioachino Rossini