rossi b

actually no what if Emily does a Dana Scully and goes ride or die for Reid and refuses to tell somebody something and gets thrown in a holding cell b/c she would actually probably do something that ridiculous 

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tagged by @ilysmyoongi, thank u for tagging me babe!!!

you have to put your music on shuffle and list the first 10 songs that appear.
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1. london - jeremih ft. stefflon don, krept & konan
2. 40 acres - T.I. ft. b. rossi & killer mike
3. bad - infinite
4. lane night drive - yo trane
5. idfc (tarro remix) - blackbear
6. #wcw (remix) - devvon terrell
7. body - mino
8. hobgoblin - clc
9. i love you - kim bum soo
10. like me - lil durk ft. jeremih

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Rossi B & Luca - “Mind the Gap” (Remix) (feat Flirta D) | Audio |  

after more deliberation on my hypothetical 1d criminal minds AU:

hotch=paul; rossi=caroline watson B); garcia=harry; morgan=louis; reid=zayn; jj=niall; prentiss=liam 

side note-currently watching reid play softball on my television and noticing that he and zayn both run like ostriches