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My friend just found a shitty one room in SF for $75/ a month, $25 utilities. In the sunset district too. It’s an overwhelming place but low rent can be found. What about moving into the east bay?

$75? You mean $750? i’d live in the sunset, honestly, i’m not assuming i could ever live in cow hollow or anything. plus it’s got better parking.

i’ve thought about the east bay and i’ll look into it but i’d really rather be in the city. btw if you’re around you should give me a call over break! i’ll be home till jan 3

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Your stuff is beautiful! I wish I could be there to buy one of each print! And don’t overthink the bad feedback, your art speaks for itself. And let me know when you open an online store cause honey I need me some of your red sunggyu!! <3

I always try to reflect when I get bad comments. I know that I still have a long way to go to make good works, that’s why I try to take those comments as a way for me to mature.  Oh and I actually do sell them online, you can find some of my work here ^^ rossfriedrich replied to your photoset“The past week the cutting mat has been my only friend. Cutting all the…”

Keep dreaming and eventually your dreams become your reality. Let the haters hate!

Thank you very much for encouraging me to reach for my dreams. I hope someday it’ll happen :) Yes, I guess that’s the best thing to do since being affected by it is useless for me. I’ll try my best to look forward.