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Hi! Could you suggest some music in Catalan? Old or modern I don't mind ^^ thanks

Sure! We have a lot of good music imho. I tried to break it down to music genres more or less

Classics (1960s “Nova Cançó” movement)

Modern music



Rap and Ska (most of my personal faves)

Rumba (very very popular among young people)

Inspired by traditional music and/or actual traditional songs

Musical theatre

You’ll find better quality audios on Spotify :)

Woah I just realised I got carried away and made a huge list hehe… well, everyone should be able to find something they like.

I hope you enjoy it!


Happy 2017, tumblr!
I’m starting off the year by introducing you all to The Vagabond Rosselfyre, a player I’ll be using in an upcoming D&D 5e campaign!

They’re chaos in a bucket. That’s about all I can say.

D&D you guys!!! I’m excited! I’ll be tagging associated doodles with ‘DnD’!


Thierry Neuville claimed victory on the Che Guevara Energy Drink Tour de Corse by 54.7sec in his Hyundai i20, beating a noticeably downbeat Sébastien Ogier who overcame “lots of problems.” to finish second and extend his championship lead. Dani Sordo completed the podium in a second i20 making it a great event for Hyundai.

Neuville (who has crashed out of the lead in both the 2017 Monte-Carlo and Sweden rallies) becomes the fourth different driver to win in the opening four rounds of the new-era WRC, each victor has represented a different manufacturer too…

Andreas Mikkelsen - in his Skoda Motorsport Fabia R5 - once again dominated the WRC2 standings; claiming an impressive victory on the Mediterranean island. Teemu Suninen (Ford Fiesta R5) finished 66.3 seconds behind Mikkelsen with Junior WRC graduate Yohan Rossel and his Citroën taking third.

Mikkelsen now tops the WRC2 championship with fellow Skoda Motorsport driver Pontus Tidemand – both having won the two events they have contested thus far in 2017.

The Oshun of Rigoberto Rodriguez ‘El de Madruga’ Oshunyemi (iba’e), in Matanzas Cuba. After he passed away, his house was turned into an Orisha museum because his shrines were so gorgeous. They became so gorgeous because he won the Cuban national lottery six times - to show his appreciation, he had a pilón made of solid gold for his Shango. He was gay and avoided being put into the Revolution’s reeducation camps by marrying his lesbian Goddaughter, Fredisvinda Rossell - an Ol’Oya.

Ibae bae tonu Oshunyemi!