Music stars reimagined as cartoon characters

Mashups need not be solely confined to music. German graphic designer Zhi-Yun Zhang is here to prove that point with his collection of illustrations that blend a hip hop-heavy list of music stars with some classic cartoon characters.

The list includes Kanye West as Porky Pig; Pharrell Williams reincarnated as Bart Simpson; Bruno Mars looking like Spongebob Squarepants; Rick Ross mashed up with Spongebob’s buddy Patrick; Drake as Millhouse from The Simpsons; 2 Chainz as Goofy; Crooner Frank Ocean in the body of Mike Wazowski from Monsters Inc.; A$AP Rocky as Stewie from Family Guy; and Miley Cyrus sapping Minnie Mouse of her last ounce of class. Call it a hunch, but despite Minnie and Miley both having worked at the House of Mouse, we’re guessing Disney won’t be promoting that image anytime soon.


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Punk/Rock/Screamo Band Member Heights:

-Patrick Stump: 5″4
-Pete Wentz: 5″6
-Gerard Way: 5″8
-Mitch Lucker: 6″2
-Alex Gaskarth: 6″
-Jack Barakat: 6″2
-Kellin Quinn: 5″8
-Hayley Williams: 5″1
-Halsey: 5″4
-Amy Lee: 5″3
-Billie Joe Armstrong: 5″6
-Mark Hoppus: 5″10
-Joel Madden: 5″6
-Benji Madden: 5″6
-Brendon Urie: 5″8
-Ryan Ross: 5″10
-Vic Fuentes: 5″6
-Tyler Joseph: 5″9
-Josh Dun: 5″5
-Andy Biersack: 6″3