There he is……and wait for it……Demelza gives him his due!

WOW @ the character work of that episode. 

  • George is now letting people get away with Rape? 
  • Elizabeth is dependent on drugs????
  • Ross is a flaming idiot that leaves his heavily pregnant wife for months at a time???
  • Demelza is acting liek a stroppy teen going through her “rebellious phase”???
  • Morwenna has zero common sense or sense of self preservation ???
  • Drake is still a vacuum for teen girl fantasies with zero depth???

Everyone go home! except you Sam You can stay.

final stray thoughts

  • aunt agatha loves verity so much my heart can’t take it
  • also she has no fucks left to give where george is concerned and I love it
  • not enough dwight
  • always glad to see robin ellis
  • but could ross be more of an idiot, letting george get his hands on that position
  • not enough dwight
  • demelza/caroline/verity friendship is a+++++
  • drake and morwenna are too cute
  • not enough dwight
ljones41 replied to your post: I feel sorry for Elizabeth , for all her beauty,…

Why is it so easy for fans to criticize Elizabeth and at the same time, struggle to criticize Ross and especially Demelza? People will say that both - especially Demelza - are not perfect. But I get the feeling that many are paying lip service to that idea.

I was responding to asks about Elizabeth. Therefore I referred to Elizabeth. I referred somewhat to other characters, as it was relevant to answer the questions, but I did not go into detail about them and their specific flaws because it was not relevant.

Please, feel free to point out to me where I’ve claimed that Ross and Demelza are perfect? I frequently call Ross an idiot, I have strongly criticised his lack of communication skills, and I think his coping habits after emotional blows are absolutely abysmal. I admit Demelza is my favourite character, and I am probably quicker to ‘forgive’ her for her flaws than I am any other character, but that doesn’t mean I’m looking at her through rose-coloured glasses. She can be foolish and naive; in the show her temper is fierce and her pride in both novels and show leads her into following Ross’s appalling habit of not communicating. If I get an ask about them, in terms of their flaws or mistakes they make, I will give that ask the same care and thoroughness that I have given these asks about Elizabeth.

Look, I have no problem discussing these characters with you or anyone else, but I do not like being accused of the kind of things you seem to be accusing me of. I do not feel it’s justified.

finally i’ve decided to watch poldark and….

  • i love demelza so much!!!. she’s a really great character.
  • sometimes ross is just an idiot and i really hated him in s2. tho aidan turner looks so attractive especially in season 1 with his beautiful hair. dammit i hate his stupid beautiful face so much. he’s so hot
  • i really hate elizabeth so much. tbh i havent read the books (tho maybe i’ll read them during the summer) but i know that her baby is ross’s baby and i just want to die….fuck i really hate her so much. sorry not sorry if someone likes her, but i just cannot with her. she really annoyed me since the first moment i saw her.
  • caroline and dwight are so cute together <3. i love dwight so much. he’s such a babe.
  • verity is just a cinnamon roll too good too pure for this world. she needs to be protected at all costs

I am so in love with this post by @yaoi-prince I just couldn’t help but write out a few of the kisses they had drawn! 

  • Brian

The day Dan and Brian get home from their Magfest trip, Arin is hanging around the office. He’s trying to work, trying to pretend that he isn’t anxiously watching the clock waiting for when one of them inevitably comes to check in at the office. Arin had texted them both that he was working, but he also understood if they needed time to decompress after their flight.

Arin hears the office door bang opened and then closed again and he perks up, rolling his chair backwards so he can try to see who came in. He doesn’t spot anyone right away and he pushes out of his chair, padding barefoot across the wood floor of the office.

“Hello?” He asks, knowing that he had definitely heard the door.

Then Brian is rounding a corner, a grin on his face as he spots Arin.

“I checked the recording room first,” Brian says, his voice thick. He looks sleepy, worn down, but oh, is Arin glad to see him.

Arin smiles at Brian, tucks a strand of hair behind his ear and then, Brian’s eyes glint with a hunger that Arin is familiar with. Without even a word, Brian launches himself at Arin, moving in, one arm winding around Arin’s middle, the other cupping the back of his head, fingers twining in Arin’s hair. Brian’s mouth seeks out Arin’s instantly, catching him in a rough and intense kiss.

Brian backs the two of them up until Arin bumps into one of the thick support beams of the office. Arin has an arm around Brian’s neck, fingers scratching into Brian’s short salt and pepper hair. Brian’s kissing him like he hasn’t kissed Arin in months when in reality it’s been about a week and a half. Even when they kiss every day, Brian has an intensity to him, an eagerness that Arin fucking loves. Like, he can never get enough of Arin, of tasting him.

“Fuck,” Brian says as he breaks their kiss, moving his mouth to press soft damp pecks against Arin’s cheeks, his jaw, “Missed you so much.” Brian’s mouth sinks lower, sliding to Arin’s neck and Arin gasps as Brian begins nipping at the pale skin there, biting lightly, sucking at the skin, alternately between soft and hard. Arin tips his head back against the beam, allowing Brian access. Brian’s hands hold Arin’s hips and Arin’s fingers smooth up and down Brian’s back through the thin fabric of his t-shirt.

Arin gasps, mind going numb over Brian’s mouth, how he always verges on the side of just a little too rough, but Arin likes that, knows he can handle what Brian will throw at him, even if by the end of their make out sessions he’s covered in love-bites, and hickies and if he has to film something in person then he has to have Suzy cover those marks with make-up, hiding the indent of Brian’s teeth as she clicks her tongue and says, “Can’t he control himself?”

Arin rarely answers, but he’s not really sure he wants Brian to find control. As much of a pain as it is to hide the marks Brian leaves behind, Arin likes them, likes looking at them, loves the feeling of Brian sucking and biting those marks into his skin. He wouldn’t trade it for the world.

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anonymous asked:

i know I'm actually smiling for once about a spoiler instead of sighing and rolling my eyes p.s who's side are you gonna be on. you love ross but you love Robert / Robron too. do you not mind them getting revenge on Ross?

I’m loving not hating a spoiler!

Ooooh….I do love me a bit of Ross but Robert Sugden is my homeboy. I’m team Rob all the way. Also nah…Ross is a beautiful idiot who sometimes needs to be put in his place, and who better than the idiot that is Rob?

The Latest AU That I Will Never Write*:

The ‘It Takes a Village…’ AU

So what if it’s Moira and not Oliver that goes on the Queen’s Gambit? And Oliver’s at a party when he gets the news that the Gambit’s sunk and oh my god, Oliver, I’m so sorry, your parents are dead. And it’s just him and Thea after that, and he’s blinded by grief for a little while and fumbling around because he’s got this twelve-year-old sister and he’s a college drop-out who’s now a legal guardian of a freaking teenager and he’s just a kid himself and he has no idea what’s going on.

Walter steps up, of course, to help him and Thea out and Tommy’s there, but for a while it’s messy. And that all changes when Malcolm challenges them that he’s Thea’s biological father and when the DNA evidence comes back, proving him right, he petitions for full custody. So Oliver has to clean up his act right away because he saw what Mr. Merlyn did to his best friend and that’s not happening to Thea, not on his watch. Which means taking a job at Queen Consolidated (Walter’s helping out) and finishing up his classes and taking an active involvement in Thea’s life, and neither sibling is really comfortable with it, but they’re finding their own way.

Meanwhile, things kind of fizzle off with Laurel, mostly because they’re a little toxic for each other thanks to Oliver’s grief and Laurel’s goals, but she’s great with Thea. Like, Thea ends up at the Lance family dinners a lot and for a little while, Oliver and Laurel are together for Thea’s sake until it finally blows over. Oliver regularly thinks Thea likes Laurel more than him because he and Thea butt heads all the time and he’s so not great at figuring out what to talk to Thea about sometimes (he’s forever grateful that Moira was still alive when Thea got her first period, is all I’m saying).

Anyway, one day it occurs to Oliver how weird it is that Malcolm is pushing for custody of Thea when he essentially ignored Tommy all of his life. In fact, it feels almost like he’s trying to distract Oliver. He does some searching on it, but to find out information will either take a lot of money or a lot of computer hacking, so he heads down to the QC IT department for help. By chance, he’s directed to the brilliant MIT student intern they’ve got for the summer, which is how he ends up standing in a tiny windowless office listening to a woman wearing sandals with little geckos on them babble about how weird it must be to face his best friend’s dad—and his sister’s dad, that’s gotta be even stranger—in court and oh, crap, she’s not supposed to bring that up even though the gossip is all over QC and I’m sorry, Mr. Queen, but can I help you? Is your computer broken?

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