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Truth: I meant Ross that mutt of hatfilms more like a bunch of idiots.

Well it is stressful having to hide in the safe room from him with the kids while Trott and Smiffy deals with him…

But I still love him since he would fight for a title just to keep me safe. I wish Ross would come back… I miss him so much…

“People ask me why
I never find a place to stop
And settle down
But I never wanted all those things
People need to justify
Their lives

You see you were
Born, to be alive…

It’s good to be alive.”

Hair: little bones. Pearl

Head Tattoo: . idiot . NEXUS Face Tattoo

Cigarette: .DirtyStories. Cutie Pipe from The Anybody Event

Earrings: MG - Earrings - Ariel Sun Pendant @ Collabor88

Necklace: MG - Necklace - Ariel Sun Pendant @ Collabor88

Outfit: <S> Mesh 70s Outfit @ The Ross Event


The Idiot Box by Michael Elyanow - May 2013

Camping ;; thehatters-mutt

Ross smiled before frowning realizing his idiot of a friend had forgotten about the Trip. He seriously wanting to face palm but he kept cool. “You’re a actual twat we have the schools camping trip” Ross said looking at his friend before looking down and sighing.

“So get ready you lazy cunt..” Ross grumbled getting fed of this constantly happing with all school trips.

     Smith stood there for a few moments before it actually accord to him. His eyes widened as a soft drawn out ‘shit’ came from him. The man turned and rushed back inside of his room, throwing on some clothing before calling over his shoulder.

  “Eh, Duncan should have some extra things for me ta barrow; I’ll be fine mate! … Do you have ya gear?”

     Smith really hopped he wasn’t in charge of actually gathering everything for the trip; they should have known better if they had picked him.