18-year-old local boy Tom Davies tears half of Manchester City to shreds before scoring his first Everton first team goal and bringing Goodison Park to its feet

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Can you also do "dating ross barkley" please?? Xx


- I feel ross is really immature! You two would literally laugh at everything! You had so many inside jokes that no one would know about! You’d spend hours just laughing and you’d forget what was initially funny
- you get on so well with his family and they often joke about how inseparable you are! You go around to his mums for Sunday dinner when he’s at home and not away
- watching films together! Although you’d never watch until the end as you distracted! 😏 you guys couldn’t keep your hands off each other
- you have your own secret handshake! The rest of the boys take the mick out of it but ross didn’t care as he knew it made you happy
- Ross loves going out for dinner. He loved taking you out and seeing you get dressed up. “Babe you look stunning” “thank you” he says as he place his hand on your cheek and slowly kiss you.
- he would help you get fit. You had been struggling with your self confidence and kept complaining about not being skinny “Y/B, you’re beautiful, you don’t need to loose weight” “yes I do ross, but the thought of going to the gym where people can see me just scares me so much!” “Well I could help you with exercises at home” He’d then spend a few hours a week helping you work out!
- him teaching you scouse slang! You’d be awful at first but after a while you finally got the hang of it
- him calling you cute nicknames such as boo, darling, princess.
- he always knew how to make you feel better! Whenever you were sad he’d pull you in for a bear hug and place kisses all over your face and neck and would start tickling you until you were crying from laughter!!

Anon thanks for requesting this! I love my baby blue with all my heart!!! ❤