“The best moment of my life truly (being a part of The Walking Dead). It has been such a joy to work on this show. Not only do I love it, but I respect it as an artistic endeavor. It’s shot beautifully, directed beautifully, and acted beautifully. Everyone who shows up on set loves what they do. You don’t always get the opportunity to work with a crew like that. It’s not always like that. There isn’t always joy there. But everyone loves showing up and doing their job. I wouldn’t even call it a job. It’s like going to summer camp.“


This year I made a post where I told people I’d send them Patd Valentine’s Day Cards if they reblogged it. Well that post got over 2000 reblogs and I went to every single blog, checked their tags and sent a card that seemed to suit their aesthetic the best! I had to send hundreds of messages to people who had their submissions closed and it was kinda stressful at first, but you guys sent me awesome encouraging messages that kept me going. It was an amazing experience for me, to try to affect people’s lives in a positive way. Thanks, I love you 💕