ross you are v cute

(Wrote this real fast cuz I was inspired and it’s v short no editing enjoy)

Brian was the last one in the office, working tiredly as he finished up for the week. Arin had given the weekend off since it had been so busy and they finally had a low work week coming up. Brian sighed, shutting down his computer, mind foggy with exhaustion.

He rested a hand on his crotch, the faint buzz of how horny he was a distant thought. He laid his forehead on his desk, unzipping his jeans. He was alone in the office, so who cared? He was half hard, tiredly stroking himself.

Brian moaned softly, his touch light as he jerked himself, eyes closed lightly. It felt so fucking good, so intense. Within minutes he was panting and whimpering, cumming against his hand.

Brian was spent, too tired to get up as he wiped his hand with a tissue and tucked his cock back into his pants before getting situated. As he laid his head on his crossed arms, a wet warmth began to spread. For a moment, he relaxed.

But then he realized he was pissing. He made a surprised sound as he sat up, jamming a hand between his legs. But it was too late, his bladder releasing fully as a familiar, quiet fog swept over his mind.

Brian sniffled, shivering. The office was cold and dark and empty and he felt more upset as he grabbed for his phone, hands shaky as he hit a contact. “Daddy? I-I need you…”

By the time Ross and Holly got there, Brian was sucking his thumb and whimpering, cold and sleepy. Ross glanced over at Holly, who was already on her way to get stuff to clean up. “Hey baby…”

“I didn’t mean to…” Brian hiccuped, sniffling.

“I know you didn’t. You’re just too little, hm?” He kissed Brian’s forehead. “Mommy and I can take you home with us, and we’ll get you a nice warm bath. Did you have your dinner yet?” When Brian shyly shook his head, Ross took both of his hands. “We’ll get you something nice and warm to eat. And you can sleep in our bed with us, isn’t that right, Holly?”

Holly smiled gently. “Of course.” She began to clean up the puddle. “Brian, sweetie, how about you go out to the car with your daddy? He’ll get you set up in there, then we’ll go home as soon as this is cleaned up.”

Tears were sliding down Brian’s cheeks, but he nodded, thumb still firmly planted in his mouth. He held Ross’s hand, allowing himself to be guided by his daddy.


I’ll take anything