ross university school of medicine


Myself and some of the boys decided to take a Medical Spanish elective course during 5th semester which required putting together a video for our final project. Being us, we decided to go a little bit above and beyond what was expected and filmed a seven minute Spanish soap opera entitled Falcon Hospital, complete with a random Herpes commercial in the middle. Why? Why not?! This marks the 5th or 6th one we’ve done as #YOLIDO Films (You Only Live In Dominica Once) and the first we’ve done back in the states as the Lambo Knights.

As this is probably the last one we will film before we all hunker down and start studying for USMLE Step 1, we’re trying to get as many people to check it out as possible. We were aiming for 500 hits when we posted it to YouTube yesterday and are already at 396 but we wanna see how many we can rack up. We’ve included English subtitles for those who don’t speak Spanish–which after only 1 semester, we clearly don’t.

So, if you like ridiculous student films, med school parodies, Spanish telenovelas, watching grown men slap each other to dramatic music, Enrique Iglesias, chocolate or freedom, check it out and pass it along.

-34th & Now, #Yolido Films, Lambo Knights