ross truett ashley

Alleged Va. Tech Shooter Identified

Police have identified Ross Truett Ashley as the alleged gunman who fatally shot a Virginia Tech police officer before killing himself about 30 minutes later.

There is no known connection between the officer, who was ambushed on campus Thursday, and Ashley, 22, of Partlow, Va., police said today.

But there is evidence that the shooter went to some lengths to assassinate Officer Deriek Crouse…

[Crouse] was seated inside his unmarked patrol car when Ashley fatally shot him, police allege. Ashley escaped on foot and changed out of his wool cap and pullover top, police said.

At least part of the deadly encounter that rattled the campus Thursday was captured on Crouse’s dash-cam and since the Virginia Tech officers are also “miked,” so there was likely audio of the encounter.

Fuzzy Logic and Scary Monsters

From an AP story about Ross Truett Ashley, the perpetrator of the recent shooting at Virginia Tech:

He said he never recalled Ashley so much as losing his temper or getting upset, and Ashley also seemed to know Scripture well.

“He wasn’t some kind of monster that people are trying to depict him as,” Muller said.

In determining whether or not someone is a monster, it should be assumed that their reading habits are never sufficient to offset the fact that they’ve committed murder.  Especially when they’re really into reading a book that’s full of blood and vengeance and has a history of being used to justify some truly terrible business.