ross rudolph

Literally fuck people who act like “Don’t blame Ridley Scott!! Blame the racist people who wouldn’t fund a movie starring a guy named Mohammed!” (Ridley Scott’s actual excuse)

Hey you fucking screwheads, none of the white people involved in this movie are absolved from blame, and their fucking passing-the-buck excuses are BULLSHIT, 

Oh poor powerless Ridley Scott and Christian Bale! They can’t be blamed that movies with black leads don’t make money!  

Whatever happened to Will Smith, Whitney Houston, Halle Berry, Eddie Murphy, and Samuel L Jackson anyhow?

And we all know that Black Jewish Actors such as:

Lenny Kravitz, Drake, Boris Kodjoe, Lisa Bonet, Tracie Ellis Ross, Maya Rudolph, Rashida Jones and Lauren London…

…are BOX OFFICE POISON to American Audiences!!

Man, who would ever fund or watch a movie starring any of those guys? Virtual unknowns!!

The whole system is fucked up, but don’t for a moment pretend Ridley Fucking Scott couldn’t have gotten a movie starring black and black jewish actors funded if he’d wanted to.