ross lynch singing

Ross singing to you at a concert (bullet points)

I was really feelin Ross when I wrote this so yeah request something! Sorry it’s short I wanted to post something

• He would just announce to the crowd “I’d like to dedicate this song to a special person” and then look at you
• He’d look at you when he sang
• He would get really into the song and fuckin go crazy on the guitar
• He knew you’d like it when he’d jump around in circles while playing the guitar
• He move his body into the beat of the song and move his shoulders the cute way he does
• He would also move his hands a lot as well as banging his head because the lyrics would be really getting to him
• Then he’d point to you while singing

ross pls

Laura: [auslly wedding] MMMH INTERESTING question
meanwhile Ross in the back: [to pixie] You smell like a wet dog.
Raini: An Auslly wedding?

Still Ross: You smell, like a wet wet dog-
Raini: [turns to Ross still telling Pixie she smells like a wet wet dog] Hey. An Auslly wedding?
Ross: What [comes back to the reality where they’re filming a live stream]
Raini: Thoughts on that?

(blinks once)


“Rock That Rock” Live Acoustic at the “Rock That Rock” Premiere in NYC