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Panic! dog ficlet

When Sarah got back from the dog park, she could hardly hold back her giggles. Brendon raised an eyebrow in question. “Penny”, she informed him and her voice sounded like a proud mother, “Penny Lane has found herself a little girlfriend!”

Brendon glanced at their French Bulldog and she seemed to be grinning at him. He picked her up and cuddled her with barely subdued excitement. “You’re all grown up now, aren’t you?”

Sarah eagerly narrated the story of how she’d met a guy while she’d been playing with the dogs and how Dottie had apparently fallen in love with his dog. “It was so adorable. They were totally inseparable!” she gushed. “I didn’t get the guy’s name though. Don’t think I’ve seen him before, but maybe he was a fan. He seemed to recognize me.”

Well, of course Brendon wanted to take the dogs the next time. Parental responsibility- meeting your kid’s significant other and all. Or maybe he just wanted to play with a cute dog. Soon enough, a guy walked by with a droopy eared Bassett hound on a leash. He was clad in a leather jacket and skinny jeans and his face, though partially obscured by his dark sunglasses seemed strangely familiar.. but Brendon was quickly distracted by the way Penny started tugging on her leash. Her girlfriend, responded with a pleased bark. Bogart, Brendon’s older dog, was probably rolling his eyes at the blatant PDA.

The other man watched the yapping dogs bounding around eachother with a little smile on his face. And Brendon.. Brendon was pretty sure he knew that smile.

“A pretty pair of girls, aren’t they? ”, he looked at the guy curiously, “What’s she called?”

The man stared at him and Brendon couldn’t see past his Ray Bans, couldn’t understand what he was thinking. But when he spoke, the man’s voice was low and his smile tired.

“Dorothy, but it’s Dottie to friends..”


The Ladies of Comic Book Movies (3 of 3) - Love Interests

The women most likely to get irrational hate from the fanbase. They are interesting characters who are often critiqued unfairly because they are regular human beings and not fighting machines or super-powered heroes.  


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hey rae mom i love you so much please stay strong for yourself and the so many people you help including me i love you so much you're gonna get through this i promise i love you sending you all the warm puppies and sweat shirts and bob ross. love you! -Lane Boy

listen, i love you.

as long as you are still breathing,
i know my days will get better.

The thing about Superman's supporting cast...

It’s funny.

I never really thought about it until a post on a message board reminded me, but it isn’t just Superman who’s suffering from the overemphasis on Lois Lane as his primary supporting character.

Real emphasis on supporting as she is not, nor will she ever be, co-lead of this franchise, despite DC’s efforts and those of her fans.

The Daily Planet staff, like Perry White and Jimmy Olsen, Cat Grant as well, among others…they’ve all been minimized to an extent. And to a lesser extent than them…Steel and Lana Lang. Not to mention the long-missing Pete Ross. I don’t want to leave out Ron Troupe or Lucy Lane, either. Emil Hamilton’s in there, too. Oh, and last but certainly not least, no real relationship with his cousin.

Remembering these names reminds me of when Superman had a fully fleshed out out world around him that didn’t revolve around Lois Lane.

In one way or another, the emphasis on the relationship between Lois and Clark, whether romantic or platonic, has been detrimental to the development of the rest of his cast.

Seriously, the world Superman inhabits in his books has shriveled badly over the course of the last few years.

Shit’s gotta stop, and it definitely shouldn’t be using the recent Superdad bullshit as the foundation for rebuilding that world.

Not at the expense of the Superman who was closer to his roots than Superdad and sold better than Superdad, too.