ross lake nra

The Topics?

No.  If you’ve seen previous posts, you’ll recognize the water.  If you haven’t, the pine trees should be a dead give away that the location is not tropical.

This is another image of Diablo Lake.  This time, I decided to utilize the zoom and focus on this small island near the shore of the lake closest to where I was at.  The turquoise color is natural.  The coloring is brought on by silts eroded off the local glaciers that suspend themselves in the water making for a somewhat opaque water color.  In fact, unlike the clarity most people think of with alpine lakes, this lake is anything but clear.  

Amazingly, the silt stays suspended long enough to pass through this reservoir, Gorge Lake below this, and then down the Skagit River.  We observed the turquoise color at least 30 miles downstream of the reservoirs and National Park Boundaries.

I liked the isolation brought forth by the composition.  It looks much more isolated than it really is.  Then again, isolation is a matter of perception.  A squirrel living on this island would truly be isolated if it couldn’t swim.  Heck, the view of the shoreline, which may be only 100’s of feet from this island, may make one feel more isolated without the resources to get from the island to shore.