ross au

okay but how about an AU where Keith is a magician. not one of those lame ones you hire for kid’s parties. he’s like the cirque de soleil of magicians. he doesn’t need cheap tricks because he’s probably actually magic. lance is burdened with taking his little siblings to what he thinks is gonna be a boring show with tricks even he could do but instead he watches this mystery man in a sparkling red jacket do tricks that actually boggle his mind. nobody knows the magician’s real identity, and we watch lance pine after him for ages until a big reveal that mystery magic man is actually keith kogane, his friend who’s been pining after him for ages. lance is just like “i should’ve known, that magician had white fingerless gloves.” they kiss, and suddenly mystery magician man starts bringing his “lovely assistant” on-stage during his shows and it’s so clear that they’re totally in love

  • Friend: so if Brendon's the sun cuz he's so bright why is Ryan the moon?
  • Me: well obviously because he's hella mysterious and he can control the rise and fall of the sea level
  • Friend: what
  • Me: Ryan's a mermaid with moon powers

Omg, Sherlock, again?

The amazing artist who made this art is: @maxkennedy24


Please, follow this account, a lot of the best Sherlock art is there.

Uncharted elementary school

Harry Flynn / playground bully
Elena Fisher / that horse girl
Nathan Drake / kid who only gets A’s in history Sam Drake / the one who’s stealing all the twinkies in the cafeteria
Rafe Adler / spoiled rich kid who gets upset when someone touches his hair
Victor Sullivan / the principle who hits on hot teachers