here’sssss my submission to the game grumps community celebration!!<3

this took like 3 days buT it was well worth it ((i probably made like a ton of mistakes buT O H Well))

hope you guys like it! i can’t wait to see the whole art book together in the end!<3


EDIT: I actually majorly screwed up the sizing on this, so the top picture is the original, and the second is the resize!

Game Grumps fanart for the 3 year anniversary celebration! I’ve been working on this for the past few days, and I’m really proud of it! My homage to the Shovel Knight series featuring the Grumps as The Order of No Quarter! 

Danny as Propeller Knight. Arin as Tinker Knight, Suzy as Plague Knight, Barry as Polar Knight, Ross as King Knight and Kevin as Specter Knight!