Aromantic Ryan

Okay okay okay. so, what if ryan ross was actually aromantic. and him and brendon are like such best friends, ryan wants to put a label on them that isnt dating you know because, no romo. so they get into a queer platonic relationship (qpr). from the start everything is fucking great and really gay in a no romo way. ryan is super happy that brendon understand that hes aromantic and only wants friendship. and brendon thinks he can handle being in a qpr with ryan. i mean, its his best friend? why wouldnt he be happy about it.

but, as time goes on, brendon slowly starts to fall in love with ryan. he trys to hide it, but no matter what he does, he cant seem to erase the feeling he developed for his best friend.

so ryan thinks everything is going great, completely no romo, full homo.

and even though brendon knows that ryan is aromantic and cant feel romantic attraction, he decided to tell ryan how he fells, hoping that somehow, someway, ryan will feel the same way.

but of course, ryan ross is aromantic and is heartbroken when he finds out his best friend is in love him.

and ryan knowing that continuing in the qpr will only hurt brendon, he decides to end it.

but brendons feelings dont change. hes in love with his best friend, his band mate.

and ryan only wanting the best for his best friend, decides the best thing for brendon would be for ryan to leave the band, and let brendon move on with his life, find his true love with someone who will love hom back.

bUT brendon still isnt over the guy who made him feels thing not even his beautiful wife has. hes not over the way ryan made his head spin, and his heart do flips.

and of course ryan knows this. but all he can do is keep moving away from brendon to let him be happy.