Wattpad 'new story'💛

So I uploaded the first chapter of my new story ‘The deal’ http://w.tt/1decsXX

here’s the description: Season 1? Done
Season 2? Done
Season 3? Done
Season 4? Done
Season 5? Not yet
Laura Marano & Ross lynch were both really sad to hear that season 4 might be their last season. At their season 4 wrap party, they both were getting a lot of nonfictions about ‘Raura’; which lead Ross to think. Ross, known to be a really deep thinker, thought of about them getting a 5th season would mean that Laura and him did really have good chemistry together. He told Laura about what he was thinking, and together they made a deal; if they get a 5th season, on the first day of coming back to set, they’d start dating.