What the fuck

Why the fuck would any of you outright say to a creator of a series that you would rather have them continue it than take care of themselves in the middle of a CATEGORY 5 HURRICANE and be alright with it. Adam has more than the right to be upset with you fucks. The man is seriously in a very hard spot right now. He could be HOMELESS, he wasn’t able to take an exam he’s studied for for MONTHS and it’s completely ruined him. So for anyone that would prioritize a free series OVER A HUMAN BEING GOING THROUGH A NATURAL DISASTER WITH NO WAY OF KNOWING WHETHOR OR NOT HIS HOUSE OR LIFE WILL BE ALRIGHT AFTER CAN FUCK OFF. SERIOUSLY FUCK OFF.

New, fairly decent Tribetwelve fanart from me
for whatever reason
I haven’t done digital TT fanart since like the last update,
or more realistically speaking, 
in like 30 years
look at it