Mary McDonnell talks about Adama/Roslin relationship

Q: There are not many TV romances between mature people. Roslin and Adama – what have you enjoyed most about playing this relationship?

A: One of the reasons that I enjoyed Adama/ Roslin so very much was the utter compatibility between Eddie and myself. There was never really a question of how do we do this. Sometimes you get lucky in your work. Ed and I had an instant and deep respect for each other that naturally grew into a fondness. I think that is what mature relationships are made of.

They are completely authentic and earned through an experience of other as partner and soul mate. The audience (both the younger and more mature) LOVED this relationship because it created hope and because it was based on total acceptance of the other person regardless of differences.

Okay, here's my situation. Like any gods fearing bsg fan I ship spaceparents with the white hot passion of a thousand supernovas. I have a handful of lesser ships in my repertoire though and it seems like I can only think of fic for my LESSER ships. Anyone have a prompt?

I want to write some Bill/Laura and I’d like some prompts! I’m thinking something that’s like 5-10 pages long. Any rating (I loves me some smut). Can be from any part in the series (except maybe not the second half of season 4 just because even though i know 99.9% of the things that go down, I haven’t actually SEEN it yet)

So prompt me up, please! 

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