So this is a happy birthday poem to my bestest friend
(PS writing a poem for you is harder than you know lol)

Calming and soothing
Annoying and insane
4 simple words to describe the rain

Wild and reckless
Yet soft and sweet
4 more words to describe you to me

Believe it or not you are just like the rain
Calming and soothing when I’m sad
Annoying an insane to the point where you can possibly drive me mad
Wild and reckless is just a part
Soft and sweet the rest of your heart

Just like the rain
To water the flowers to grow
To sprinkle the world a rainbow will show

You are just like the rain

(Happy Birthday❤ @crazyallaround)

Avengers & X-Men: AXIS #9 - "Grinding Halt" (2014)
pencil by Jim Cheung, Terry Dodson, Leinil Francis Yu, & Adam Kubert / ink by Mark Morales, Dave Meikis, Guillermo Ortega, Mark Roslan, Rachel Dodson, Jim Cheung, Leinil Francis Yu, & Adam Kubert / color by Paul Mounts
Pesan guru, kalau seseorang itu dalam keadaan bercakap besar atau riak, ketika itu dia sedang berdosa kepada Allah, maka lebih baik kita beredar atau berdiam diri kerana ditakuti ia akan bertambah berdosa dengan Allah S.W.T
—  via Akh Redzuan Roslan

SINGAPORE, Singapore : A tourist boat goes under the Nicoll bridge at Elizabeth Walk in Singapore on October 15, 2014. International visitor arrivals to Singapore in the first six months of 2014 totalled 7.5 million, down 3.0 percent from the previous year, weighed down by a sharp 30 percent decline in number of Chinese tourists visiting the city-state. AFP PHOTO/ROSLAN RAHMAN

Recipients of Angkor Photo Travel Grant

We have been privileged to be featuring the works of these young talented photographers for the last few weeks.  

After much deliberation, the judges made their selections.  The judge for nominees from Indonesia and the Philippines is Kevin WY Lee, Photographer/Founder of IPA.  Rahman Roslan, Photographer/Co-founder of Dokumen is the judge for Malaysian nominees.  “There were promise and diversity in all the finalists, and I found sympathy in all the works and applications in different ways.” (Kevin WY Lee).  

Grant Recipients will receive $500 to cover their travel costs to attend the Angkor Photo Workshop in Siem Reap, Cambodia Dec. 1-10.  Additionally, they also receive 1-year mentorship from the Angkor Photo Travel Grant Team Member(s). 

Also, all nominees from the Philippines and Malaysia are qualified to apply for the project development grant worth of up to $1000.00 USD, which they could propose after the workshop.

Without further ado here are the Grant Recipients.

Grant Recipient from the Philippines is Basilio Sepe

“Basilio H. Sepe shows a bit more clarity in what he wants and seems the readiest for the Angkor Workshops to gain from it. He has a bit more experience than the others and has made steps to involve himself in where he needs to go. He shows good craft in making single images. Hopefully, this opportunity will expose him beyond that to working consistently on a project or essay and eventually find his own place in this large world of photography. Congratulations Basilio, make the best of the opportunity!“ (Kevin WY Lee).

Click here to see Basilio’s Portfolio

Grant Recipients from Malaysia are Aizzat Nordin & Rebecca Chew

“Aizat’s work on Malaysian illegal immigrant in Australia really strike hard onto me. To be honest, I’ve never seen Malaysian in that light before; as illegal immigrant, looking for a greener pasture in a foreign land. It is something that is real and needs to be told. I thought he had done a great job at identifying the subject that is powerful beyond visual, truly that something that i admire a lot of him, as a photographer.  I hope as a young photographer, the grant will ease the burden in him to pursue his missions, especially in Angkor workshop. He has the right character to be a powerful photographer. I look forward to see how he would progress as a person too.”
(Rahman Roslan). 

Click here to see Aizzat’s Portfolio

“I was pleasantly surprised when i saw Rebecca’s work. It is not something common, it feels familiar to see those images, but combined with her good writings, I felt the work has more dimension to it. I think Rebecca can really be a great storyteller. She sees things in different forms. I can sense her romanticism in the way she presents her work, and there is a subtle flow and energy that brought me closer and wonder, what’s next. I hope she will make use of the grant to produce important work, and discover more magical moments.” (Rahman Roslan).

Click here to see Rebecca’s Portfolio

Grant Recipient from Indonesia is Ian Hananto

"Ian Hananto comes from an emerging talent pool of young photographers in Solo, Indonesia. His images are raw, graphic, and surreal. They display playfulness and an eager curiosity. These are qualities that make a good foundation from which to leap from. I hope this Travel grant and the Angkor Workshop helps him realize his potential. The world is a big place. It is now up to Ian Hananto to find his own place in it, and refine his motivations, voice, and language beyond the mere haunting of dreams.” (Kevin WY Lee).

Click here to see Ian’s Portfolio

Congratulations to all the Grant Recipients

Special thanks to Angkor Photo Festival: Francoise Callier, JY Navel-Benedetti, & Jessica Lim for their support.  Special thanks also to Okky Ardya for her generous contribution help to sponsor the Indonesian winner.

Angkor Photo Travel Grant Team:

Veejay Villafranca (Philippines)

Tammy David (Philippines)

Jes Aznar (Philippines)

Rahman Roslan (Malaysia)

Andri Tambunan (Indonesia)

**If you are interested in joining our team and sponsoring a talented photographer to attend the Angkor Photo Workshop please send us an email:

SINGAPORE, Singapore : A worker uses a lawn mover to cut bushes next to the financial district in Singapore on June 2, 2014. Some 20,000 delegates representing the government, industry, international organisations and academia are expected to attend the World Cities Summit (WCS), Singapore International Water Week (SIWW) and CleanEnviro Summit Singapore (CESS) taking place on June 1 to 5. AFP PHOTO / ROSLAN RAHMAN