rosko cycles

Providence was awesome. I’ve spent the last few weeks more or less off the bike and taking care of my knee. From the physical therapy, stretching, massage, ice baths, salt baths and ibuprofen, it seems as if I’ve done something right as it felt great all weekend. 

The course was the best I’ve ridden all year. The new bike handled it well. Really amazing what a custom bike can do for you. The back end of the bike is so planted, and it simply does what I want it to. Sunday was a little looser and muddier, and the bike just felt perfect. 

I can’t get enough of the big races. Although far away and always an expensive adventure, nothing beats the courses and show that is put on. This weekend were staying a little closer to home and hitting up Whirlybird and Cooper River. Looking forward to some smaller fields for once!

I’ll have some photos from the race up later today.