A hungover walk into The Woods with Daughter

PLAY: After a crazy garden party Saturday night - including DJ’s, some of the best people CPH has to offer and proud amounts of alcohol and smokes - this morning I was left with a garden filled with shit and bottles. Three girls saved my day by helping out. Two are not to be mentioned - The third one is: Her name is Elena Tunra and she is the mouth and brain behind the moniker Daughter, a London based project which paints musical landscapes of dreams and fairytales in a unique and very pretty way. Besides being beautiful and featured in Vogue she is in possession of a voice equally as ‘wow’ as both Charlyn ‘Cat Power’ Marshall and Florence ‘Machine’ Welch.

Her song ‘The Woods’ would have made my cry with even measures joy and sadness if I hadn’t been too hung over and tired. In those first unpleasant moments of picking up litter from the grass she became my little dancing princes and made it all worthwhile.

She is playing at Roskilde Festival 2012 - until then listen to her amazing song named 'The Woods’:

We are proud to present the ultimate 24-hour Roskilde warm-up event! From Tuesday, 3 July at 22pm to Wednesday, 4 July 22pm, Spleen United will be playing an improvised 24-hour set called “From Sunset to Sunset”! During the night, the audience will be equipped with headphones and rocking it “Silent Disco-style”  and a large clock will show how long the party has been going on. The musical marathon will take place at Camp area - Agora K, by the lake. Don’t miss the hottest event with one of Denmark’s greatest live bands!
God created man, the guitar & then Causa Sui

PLAY: Once upon a time good created man. Then he created the guitar and man preceded to play old school acid rock in the sand of the barren desert under the blazing sun. That’s how I like to picture myself the appearance of the Danish band Causa Sui. The phrase Causa Sui is latin and means something which is generated within itself - in this case in the summer hot and dusty desert. Their sound is like that out of the soundtrack to the movie Fear & Loathing In Las Vegas and they are in my opinion one of the few really good bands out there playing 60s-sounding acid rock full of Woodstock feeling and out-there solos so that the psychedelic colours almost run down the walls. They are playing at Roskilde Festival this year and this presents a rare opportunity to dive ino the withered grass and enjoy a soothing afternoon daze.

Say, you wanna be cool? Hurry up and be a fan -or maybe just pretend to be a fan - of Causa Sui by pressing PLAY:

Nothing but an AMAZING Bon Iver session

PLAY: Sometimes you stumble across a piece of music that is just impossible not to put on a blog. A piece which forces your mission of the day to consist of nothing but spreading the word about this masterpiece - luckily I had the time today. So I ran to my window, screamed out the link. I phoned my mom and texted all my few remaining friends. This blog is the last place left for my sobbing and overpowered outcry. Even though it is the now quite famous Justin Vernon, front man of Bon Iver, and his pretty awesome drummer Sean Carey, this is still a pretty well-kept secret I think. For the Roskilde Festival 2012 attendees let’s just hope they give us the chills in the exactly same way in a months’ time.

Note included in the official release on Youtube:

Recorded in AIR Studio’s Lyndurst Hall - a building that was originally a church and missionary school designed in 1880 by the great Victorian architect Alfred Waterhouse (designer of the Natural History Museum) - Vernon was joined only by Carey, with the pair positioning themselves opposite one another at two grand pianos. Although neither Justin nor Sean’s first instrument is piano, they were able to remodel the songs in a way that showcases their complimentary vocals and, perhaps more strikingly, a seemingly effortless ability to experiment with form and structure.

As such, fans are treated to jaw-dropping interpretations of several songs from both the new album and the ‘Blood Bank’ EP, as well as a cover of Bonnie Raitt’s “I Can’t Make You Love Me”. And interpretation is an apt word, as these songs are artfully abstracted from their original incarnations. Rather than layer the sound as on 'Bon Iver, Bon Iver’, the focus is on paring back, in part evoking the minimalist approach of contemporary classical music, while remaining true enough to the source material to retain those elements characteristic of Bon Iver. 

Press PLAY, and the word will thus be spread:

1. Hinnom, TX

2. Wash.

3. I Can’t Make You Love Me

4. Babys

5. Beth/Rest

Cold Specks - A beautiful & soulful triumph for music

PLAY: A delicate guitar and a powerful voice hit a frosty morning. Behind both of you will find a small woman with fervor enough to wake up the whole world with her songs and talent.

My flirt with young and talented female singers, starting with Elena Tunra of Daughter last week, now continues with the female  singer of Cold Specks.

Despite the fact that Al Spx is Canadian and now lives in London, she sounds as if she just stepped out of the bluesy American South with its soulful singing tradition - Here the paramount musical instrument is the voice which God most graciously has bestowed upon one. And namely her beautiful and at the same time seminal voice is the altar to which the remaining sound respectfully must kneel.

The song ‘Blank Maps’ is a perfect example of this. The raw and beautiful soundscape does not offer much more than her voice and a simple guitar before building up a bigger sound. Everything is perfectly matched - not a note or an instrument is too much.

She just released her fantastic debut album ‘I Predict A Graceful Expulsion’ (my Danish review) and she is playing at Roskilde Festival for the few lucky ones.

Press PLAY and listen below but only if you like beautiful, well written and soul-crunching songs.

The most underrated band at Roskilde Festival 2012

PLAY: Larsen & Furious Jane is one of the most underrated music acts in Denmark. Maybe even in the whole wide world some people would say, and that without flinching their eyes.  Besides being the most underrated band in the world, they are laid back danes wo give away their amazing music for free. They never really earned any money on their genius anyway. The giving away part at least was the case with their two latest album releases “Zen Sucker” from 2008 and the newer one, ‘Dolly’ from 2011, which was quite certainly the best album released in Denmark that year many would say, again without flinching. And to be fair Denmark produces a lot of pretty fine alternative music.

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Jazzing it up/down at Roskilde 2012 with Jakob Bro

PLAY: I’m not a jazz-man. Not in any way. I get fucking seasick when I hear a sixtet play six different concerts at the same time, while pretending to play together as a modern avantgarde bebop ensemble, constantly namedropping (on their instruments) other famous jazz people. I don’t want to take anything away from those guys, they are obviously very skilled musicians - I just don’t like their music!

That’s why I was overtly stoked (or should I say jazzed) when I by recommendation came across the Danish jazz guitarist Jakob Bro and his documentary ´Weightless - A Recording Session With Jakob Bro´.

The doc follows Bro in the making of the simplest jazz album in the history of the genre, using as little as two chords in some of the songs on the album. This in itself obviously does not make a good album but bringing into the studio some of the best ever jazz musicians, like the 81-years old genius of a saxophonist Lee Konitz and the always cool and cheerful drummer Paul Motian, to sprinkle magic dust on his compositions does – even I can see that despite being a jazz analphabet.

The simple songs leave vital space for all these amazing musicians to give it their all, without losing me in a sharp corner of confusing and annoying instrumental gangbanging

Best moment is when the aforementioned dinosaur, Lee Konitz, pops by the studio a day late, sticks a sock in his sax and then plays until the remaining guys can’t really seem to swallow the huge lumps in their throats. The Danish filmmaker, jazz critic and bon viveur, Jørgen Leth, who just happens to come by, stands star struck and baffled in the corner looking like a 5-year-old in the world’s biggest candy shop.

Luckily for us, Bro is playing at Roskilde 2012 and is certain to bring to the table really gifted musicians, who will blow your mind with their simple and beautiful melodies. Danes kan watch the entire documentary at Filmstriben using their library login, other poeple must buy the doc or make do with the many clips on youtube, like the two posted here.

Pres PLAY and enjoy

Looking into the future of 2012


PLAYSome pretty dope festivals are coming up this summer. Among the doper (!?) ones is Roskilde Festival 2012. Besides being overcrowded with cool/annoying Scandinavian hipsters, who for one week leave their fixed-gear bicycles in the corner, Roskilde is a Mecca when talking alternative music.

According to the lady in charge of music and booking, Rikke Øxner, the festival is more about diversity and experimenting (at least 34 nationalities are popping by in 2012 each bring their own weird and fantastic genres) than splashing the cash on fat middle-aged bands who were big in the 80’s – none mentioned, none forgotten.

For this reason, and 54 more that I’m not gonna mention here, the next month on APPEAR N’ PLAY will be celebrating of Roskilde Festival 2012, by naming the bands and artist that you definitely can’t miss on this years festival. Are you not going to Roskilde in 2012? Don’t despair - We are too lazy to post anything other than really sweet music, so don’t cheat your ears and check it out anyways - We have a blow-your-mind-guarentee.

Pop in whenever, press PLAY, and be prepared for lots of amazing musical adventures.