A hungover walk into The Woods with Daughter

PLAY: After a crazy garden party Saturday night - including DJ’s, some of the best people CPH has to offer and proud amounts of alcohol and smokes - this morning I was left with a garden filled with shit and bottles. Three girls saved my day by helping out. Two are not to be mentioned - The third one is: Her name is Elena Tunra and she is the mouth and brain behind the moniker Daughter, a London based project which paints musical landscapes of dreams and fairytales in a unique and very pretty way. Besides being beautiful and featured in Vogue she is in possession of a voice equally as ‘wow’ as both Charlyn ‘Cat Power’ Marshall and Florence ‘Machine’ Welch.

Her song ‘The Woods’ would have made my cry with even measures joy and sadness if I hadn’t been too hung over and tired. In those first unpleasant moments of picking up litter from the grass she became my little dancing princes and made it all worthwhile.

She is playing at Roskilde Festival 2012 - until then listen to her amazing song named 'The Woods’: