Open letter to @roskiiart to unblock me and actually talk about whatever is troubling them like an adult.

I’ve ignored your hate art and slandering of me for hmm, 2 years or so?
Even when you drew hate-art of Momo.
Gave you a chance to stop actively trying to ruin my name and reputation.
Waited for you to stop being a shitty, self-projecting person, who thinks their headcanons are real and true and GOSPEL.
Hoped you would realise I’m a real person, with feelings, unlike fictional characters who you seem to put before real people.

But welp. You continue your brigade against me, and encourage even minors who follow you to join your circlejerk hate crusade.

I’m sick of it, it’s truly immature and bullying behavior.
Quit being a coward and come and talk to me ^^

roskii  asked:

11. 14 and 16 for you and shiro and tadashi? (I hope I got his name right ^^")

(Answered 11)

14. Who kills the spiders?
Anyone else but me unless I am alone.

16. Who is scared of thunderstorms?
Don’t think any of us are really unless there might be some tornadoes or something worse to come along with it, but that is a pretty reasonable thing to be scared of being in. Tadashi would be the one mostly concerned about anyone going out in any thunderstorms tho. Personally I love them. 

roskii  asked:

What inspired you to draw?

M dad did a lot of abstract artwork when I was younger, I think he even wanted to major in art, but he never finished.
So being around him a lot inspired me, and honestly whenever I found art on the internet I started to really peak my interest!


Whoops~ I drew out the bit when Lewis is still in shock looking at Arthur’s lifeless body, from Roskii’s Avatar! AU. Just before HE DOES THE LIGHTNING!!!! 8D

The whole time I was drawing out Arthur I was like, “How does one draw a dead like body?? What the??”