i don’t even really know where to start with this…
first: the idea of “brain sex” has been debunked by scientists multiple times. the only difference between males and females is body/anatomy - THERE IS NO MALE BRAIN OR FEMALE BRAIN. meaning that a male CANNOT “feel like” a woman or “have a lady brain”. there is NO SUCH THING.
second: i’m not siding with cis male cat callers. men who catcall are disgusting and violent. i don’t think anyone should be cat called or assaulted. trans women deserve to be safe from violence, i’m just pointing out that the motivation is different than what you all are claiming it is.
finally: feminists don’t want equality. feminists want liberation from oppressive structures like patriarchy, capitalism, and racism. i don’t fucking want to be equal to male people, i want to be free from their aggression and violence. i want female experiences to be seen as just that - experiences that ONLY FEMALE PEOPLE can have. i want female only spaces. i want to celebrate vagina and vulvas and uteri. i want to abolish gender. fuck off with your “a real feminist wants equality” bullshit

Asgore and @roskiiuniverse‘s undertale oc, Nari! I think they’re cute together ~

Soooo roskiiuniverse came up with the first Faun!Arthur drawing I’ve seen on tumblr so I based my drawing on that.. kinda.. I think :‘I

Also, not sure if anyone did this yet but:

So goats freeze and drop to the ground when they get scared? Yup, that would happen.
I don’t like drawing men without shirts, I always think it looks weird when I do it :V