Rose placed her hand, palm open and welcoming, in the empty space between them; a silent invitation, and a wordless wish for his trust. It stayed there, for minutes or hours. Time seemed to shift as she waited.
Finally, Loki moved. Rose watched his impassive face as his hand lifted and paused over her hand. After a second, though, he made the decisive motion down. Rose saw the slight tremor in his wrist, and gently squeezed his hand when it made contact with hers. [x]


She took a deep breath, closing her eyes, trying to calm her heartbeat. In vain. “It’s not the same, Daddy, and you know it. It’s just a job. It will stay just a job. With the Doc–John, it was different. I didn’t know who he really was. I know who Loki is. And I want him in jail as much as any other agent in this office.”