I was tagged by @roske-7 I love that all you’ve listened to is the Hamilton soundtrack <3

Post 6 albums you’ve been listening to lately.

1.       Adore Delano - After Party

2.       Hanson – Anthem

3.       AFI – Sing the Sorrow

4.       BTS –Skool Luv Affair

5.       Christian Kane – Welcome to My House

6.       Nonpoint – The Poison Red

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1k follow forever!

heyo it’s me and this morning I hit 1k and let me tell u y'all are really gr8 so I’m doin a follow forever. now I didn’t make a banner or anything cuz Im lazy nice to meet you;)

also let me just say that I’m on mobile because the site wasn’t working for me today and once again I’m lazy.

k lets b serious. thank you all- who are tagged and who aren’t. I’m sorry if I didn’t tag u if we’re mutuals trust me I luv u. but I’ve been through a lot of ups and downs for a while and you guys kept me alive. srsly without you I probably wouldn’t be here. and this means a lot because I haven’t even had this blog for long and y'all are so nice to me:)

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