Tiffiney Yazzie
Rosita, 2012

Tiffiney’s large-scale portraits of her mother, Rosita, serves as an exploration of the bond the two have as well the matriarchal element that runs through many Native American tribes.

Tiffiney Yazzie grew up in Chinle, Arizona on the Navajo Reservation. She is from the Yucca Fruit-Strung-Out-In-A-Line Clan and is born for the Salt People Clan. She recently received her BFA in Photography and BA in Art History from the Herberger Institute for Design and the Arts at Arizona State University. Tiffiney’s work focuses on the unique and complex systems connected to our existence. Yazzie’s photographs have been exhibited in numerous group exhibitions locally and nationally. Tiffiney currently lives and works in Tempe, Arizona.

The Only Pictures of Michelle Obama With Elmo and Rosita You Need to See

There is widespread agreement that the position of first lady is both an anachronism and not something that can be done away with, because of the politics of the post and Americans’ affection for it.

The reasons it’s an anachronism are legion: As the current president has noted, the first lady has paid staff but is not paid herself, even when she devotes herself full-time to the most substantive sort of first ladying. She defaults into the post when her husband is elected, no matter who she is, but also has no real option to opt out of the role. The nation looks to her often to be a kind of national mater familias, if you will, focused on home-and-hearth issues—even if that’s never been her real area of professional focus. Meanwhile, the conflict-of-interest and security issues involved in her continuing to work outside the White House can make maintaining her own independent career impossible.

There’s also no question that Michelle Obama, who like her husband is an Ivy League-trained attorney, has performed the role with aplomb. She remains ridiculously popular, even as the president’s approval has sunk in tandem with that of the Republicans in Congress he’s been battling.

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The Protector.

I’ve seen a lot of dislike for how Rosita handled Eugene, who despite his cowardliness is taking steps to improve but I think her attitude stems from protection mixed with bitterness towards a man who fueled her with lies. Rosita is handing out some perhaps uncalled for, but well needed tough love for a man who has relied on her and others for far too long. Tara may be nurturing Eugene to grow but Rosita is grounded in the reality that time is not on their side and this really sums up her quick acting, tough attitude as we have seen…

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Sing this song with Rosita and celebrate her Mexican heritage!