So, a drunk, depressed person who was recently legitimately done wrong by their SO, and who is grappling with the very real possibility they’re a HALF DEMON in a world where demon killing is the family business, kisses another drunk, depressed person whose SO just coldly blew them off for the evening to hang out with his maybe maybe not baby mama.

They both immediately regret the kiss, immediately reaffirm their relationships with their SOs, and do nothing else.  No sex, no further kissing, no nothing.  And there was no preplanned intent to what happened.  In fact they start strategizing how person #1 can apologize to her SO and start working things out.

I’m sorry, I can’ t turn that into the cheating scandal of the century.  I can barely reckon that as cheating at all.  I’m mystified why some folks are being so hard on the characters, let alone the actors and the writers over this blip.  Waverly is not having an affair with Rosita, they’re not even having a fling or a one night stand.  Waverly and Nicole are not breaking up.  This is minor drama on a show with a lot of craziness.




I started to draw this like… some days after watching “Sing”.


Btw, this comes right on cue! I know that yesterday Rock Dog was released in America! Hope you guys enjoyed the movie, if you have seen it!
Personally, I loved it!

I was waiting for the main song from December! FINALLY I CAN LISTEN IT OVER AND OVER AGAIN! the ship is so strong in that song omg

It’s a pity that probably the italian version will never be uploaded on YouTube-
I liked that so much! *cry

Anyway, I love to think about an AU where Sing and Rock Dog characters coexist together! That idea makes me so happy I can’t

Angus Scattergood and Bodi (Rock Dog,  Ash Brannon;  Huayi Brothers,  Mandoo Pictures)
Sing ( Garth Jennings; Illumination Entertainment)

Rick leaves for a day

Daryl: *Escapes from Negan*
Olivia: *Slaps Negan*
Carl: *Tries to kill Negan*
Michonne: *Hunts down Negan*
Sasha: *Orders Jesus to find Negan*
Rosita: *Tries to shoot Negan*
Eugene: *Made bullet for Rosita to shoot Negan*
Father Gabriel: *Wouldn’t mind the death of Negan*
Spencer: dumbass tried to team up with Negan

Mel: *tries out for Wynonna*

Dom: *tries out for Wynonna and Waverly*

Kat: *tries out for Wynonna, Waverly, and Nicole*

Tamara: *tries out for Wynonna, Waverly, Nicole, and Rosita*