• This is Daryl after he got taken down by Negan’s men. I know it’s very crappy quality, but it’s all I have to work with. He is a hot head, has been since season one. Toned down as the season’s progressed, but every once in awhile, he acts without thinking. Negan was RUBBING it in ROSITA’S face that he just killed her lover, Daryl was trying to protect her from the horror that he once had to face with Merle! When he hit Negan he was ready to take the consequences of his actions. He thought he was going to die, cause to his understanding, Negan will shut down the person causing trouble.
  • I couldn’t get a good screenshot of this scene, and it’s such a small scene, but right before Negan hits Glenn, Daryl is kneeling down, fully prepared to DIE for his actions, because, again, from his understanding, he thought Negan was going to punish the person who stepped out of line, the moment Negan turned and Hit Glenn, Daryl shot up, sitting straight up. In shock that his little Korean was being punished because of him!
  • The second pictures, again, very crappy, I know. Shows the pain, the emotions. Daryl is not an emotion guy unless the emotion was anger, but this face breaks my heart! Glenn and him have been through alot, and he knows right then, it is completely his fault Glenn is dying, because of his temper.
  • Last picture, just showing the regret in Daryl’s face. He know’s he’s at fault, I am going to say this till I am blue in the face Daryl did not attack Negan so that Glenn will die. He attacked Negan because that’s what Daryl does! Hits first ask never! He was fully prepared to get Lucielled, as long as Rosita, or anyone else didn’t suffer the mind games. I am sick of all the hate he’s already getting after one action. The same people who bitched and whined about how Carl acted in the first seasons, though Carl was a child who matured, Daryl is an abused soul who only knows how to act out in anger, make someone else feel his pain. NEGAN killed Glenn. NEGAN knew killing Daryl wouldn’t solve anything, so he picked someone else, just to break Daryl down. The same tactic he used with Rick and Carl.
  • Another thing, everyone wants Maggie to be pissed, to slap someone, Rick or Daryl, but she doesn’t! Cause what would that do? She lunged at Daryl as he was hauled into the truck. She still wanted to protect him, because she doesn’t BLAME him like almost every fan does. And Why would she slap Rick? If anyone is to blame, it’s freaking Jesus! He took them to the hilltop, his group brought Negan into their world and though he probably didn’t know, sure didn’t warn them how badass Negan’s men were. But no one’s pointing out that detail. Blaming Daryl for his actions his like blaming Jesus or Gregory or whatever that guy’s name is that stabbed Gregory or Rick’s over cockiness, or even Maggie’s illness!  All their actions lead them to what happened. Negan is the one who swung the bat, Negan was the one who picked Glenn. It is not Daryl’s full fault.