Rick leaves for a day

Daryl: *Escapes from Negan*
Olivia: *Slaps Negan*
Carl: *Tries to kill Negan*
Michonne: *Hunts down Negan*
Sasha: *Orders Jesus to find Negan*
Rosita: *Tries to shoot Negan*
Eugene: *Made bullet for Rosita to shoot Negan*
Father Gabriel: *Wouldn’t mind the death of Negan*
Spencer: dumbass tried to team up with Negan


so i saw sing the other day and it was so good and pure ?! the characters are relatable and all so lovable ,, i’d really recommend seeing it ! (i cried way too many times)

anywAY i had these human design things stuck in my head after watching

Rosita was salty AF because Sasha got the Michonne treatment.

Rosita was salty AF because Sasha didn’t just sleep with Abraham.

He was in love with her. He wanted to spend the rest of his life with her. He wanted to make her full of his babies. She was his lady.

And Rosita was someone he used to fuck.

Rick’s gonna officially marry Michonne.  As soon as they find Father Gabriel, I am telling y’all.  He has the same heart eyes Abe used to have Sasha, or Glenn had for Maggie.  And Michonne’s whispering about how they’re the one’s that live.

I mean, that is it for them–there is no one else.  Rick knows it.  Michonne knows it.  Y’all know.

Put the coffee on: Sing Drabble

“I’m glad your father came to see you.” Johnny’s nails dug into the skateboard harder, but before he could even ask, Rosita replied with a knowing smirk. “Every mother has eyes in the back of her head, I saw you two together, it was very sweet.”

BE WARNED: There are spoilers

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