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Hiyaa !
My name is Haya , 18 years old from the middle east and i run an active rosy blog :)
So i would LOVE to be on your faves page bc it would mean alot to me if you notice my blog and like it !! Because i think your blog is amazing and i will really appreciate it if i will be chosen as one of your faves !! As well as we can be friends (either way i got chosen or not ) !
Thank you so much & have a lovely day
Gossip girl …jk lol Haya

Rosiellas' blog.

I would love to be in your faves because your blog is amazing and it would be a privilege to be on it, I love love love your posts and I would be super happy to be a part of it. Im active and love pink posts haha <3 Thankyouu  love ya

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Hi lovely. I would love to be in your faves. Ever since I found your blog I LOVED it. You are so sweet and so pretty! And I’m updating my faves page soon since some of those blogs aren’t rosy anymore. You will DEFINITELY be in my favorites. I really hope we can become friends too. <3