Sitting on the arm chair in his living room Rosie took a drink of the bourbon and waited for Liam to come back from wherever he was. Hearing the front door open and close, she placed the small glass aside, crossing one leg over the other. “You should really lock your back door before you leave.” She commented once he walked into the room. liamxsmoke

Fritzi im Wunderland. (Rosie/Fritzi)


Fritzi was a little worried about the state of Rosie’s arm. He was a naturally anxious person, and knowing someone he cared about had wounded themselves, would continuously play on his mind until he got to inspect the wound for himself. He’d promised her that he would come over and keep her company. He felt extremely lucky that he’d been asked rather than someone else that would be slightly more the ‘prince charming’ he assumed she was looking for.  He’d ran down the street to the nearest corner store and purchased a tub of honeycomb ice-cream and a bunch of flowers. He hurried his way back to the hotel and up to Rosie’s room. He stood outside for a small moment, catching his breath and gathering up what little courage he had. He knocked the door with the hand he was holding the flowers in and managed to beat himself on the nose with the petals as he pulled his hand back. He twitched his nose and held his breath, trying to forget how clumsy he was, and just hoping that he could not make a fool of himself while he was in her presence.


*i swallow everything he’d given me and let out a sigh, hating that I’d let him treat me this way even though most of it was my fault. I go to check on Rosie before coming back to my bedroom and getting ready for bed, laying down and falling asleep rather quickly*


*his hand finds your hair quickly and grips onto it but he allows you to move at your own pace, just enjoying the way your mouth feels on him and he lets out a moan, his head falling back*

*he lays back and passes out too. He wakes up the next morning and instantly walks into Rosie’s room, smiling down at her sleeping form. He sits in the rocking chair next to her crib and takes out his phone, looking through social media, loving to just be near her* -Harry


*I continue to suck on his tip, taking him deep a few times, gagging a little. I use my hand on his base, stroking in time with my tongue. I look up at him as swirl my tongue around his tip before taking him as deep as I can*