Task #5- Rosie’s Plots

001: A test

Rosie is very good at keeping her “emotions” under control. She is waiting for someone to push her enough, just enough, so that she can make sure they will take her seriously, or not speak to her again at all. She figures this will happen eventually, and is looking forward to it.

002: An introduction to Rosie’s Room

As mentioned, you are not allowed into Rosie’s room, if somehow you have gotten into Rosie’s room you will want to leave Rosie’s room immediately. Make absolutely sure that no trace of your being there has been left. Do not make any noise. If you are feeling courageous, you may want to venture up Rosie’s stairs. Just don’t get caught. 

003: An enemy

Someone that Rosie despises whether they know it or not. Maybe someone from her past? Someone that she wants to keep quiet? Maybe they both know eachother’s secret?

004: A new obsession

Rosie would really like to be friends. She would love to get to know you better. She would love to have you over for tea. Why don’t you stay forever? Don’t worry, her husband won’t mind.

005: …An interesting turn of events

Maybe Rosie really beings to genuinely care for your character, possibly to the point of over protection? She would be confused by this development, she will resent you but find herself going out of her way for you.