Get this...

Was grinding for Public Work Projects in New Leaf still, and I had to put Rosie behind digged holes to ensure she doesn’t get to wander around (Looking to get an illuminated heart from her).

Of course, she kept walking on her way and when pushing her to the “prison”, and she got agitated. However, when I talked to her, Rosie’s tone of voice changed to that of an Uchi-villager.

So let me get this straight, do Peppy villagers put up an act or do they just talk in high-pitched sugar cutie voice for most part? Or is this just a glitch on my part…

Ever since I wanted to make my town look like those amazing forest towns you see on tumblr, my town went to shit. I had started out wanting a really modern town but ended up giving it away because I wanted people to think “Wow they have such an amazing town!”

I’m hoping to reset my town in April, after April Fool’s Day so I can get my villager pictures. I also have a villager my friend wants, so I have to wait for them to move out. It’d be rude to hold onto a villager for a friend and then get rid of them. Over the past few months, 5 of my dreamies have moved out. I only have one villager I want to keep in my town, and that’s Rosie. The five who moved away were Gengi, Francine, Opal, Tangy, and Papi.

I can’t keep up with my town, so I know it’s only a matter of time before Rosie leaves me.

I use animal crossing as a coping mechanism, for when things get too tough I always have something to rely on, but my villagers moving away, to me, is like they’re abandoning me.

I’m trying to savor the time in my town while I can, because I know it’ll all go away after I reset. Of course I’ll take my bells, furniture, crowns, etc.

Anyways, thank you for reading. It’s been really tough dealing with this.