rosie was sleeping with her hands covering her face

Whisk Me Away (Part dos)

It’s Sunday night and I’ve got no TWD to watch, so I’ve gone through this one last time. There might still be a few errors, but try to ignore them. Thank you all for the wonderful feedback on the first part of Whisk Me Away. I so very much appreciated it. xx 

This part is quite long, so please do enjoy. Also, there is a Part one - so, please read that first here

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30 Day Writing Challenge - Day 22

Day 22: In battle, side by side

Summary: You and Sherlock take care of a teething Rosie together
Author: Maddy (@laterthantherabbit)
Words: 1750
Characters/Relationships: Sherlock x reader, Rosie x aunty!reader
Warning: None

Author’s Notes: After writing with Rosie yesterday I really got into the aunty!reader and sort of parenting trope I did for it. I hope you guys like it!


The wailing had been going on for almost an hour now. Mrs. Hudson was out of the city with Mrs. Turner doing who knows what and Sherlock had a case at the moment and was probably out chasing some madman through the streets of London. John had gone to begrudgingly visit Harry after she rang, asking him to help her move. He wasn’t to be expected back for at least another two days and you volunteered to stay and look after the little Watson, your beautiful niece Rosie. Your beautiful, screaming, red-faced, teething and inconsolable niece. “Rosie dear, look! It’s bee! You want bee?” Rosie threw her arms up above her head and let out an ear-piercing cry. Your calm demeanour from before the crying had slowly been degrading into a near breakdown, your hair frazzled from constant pulling and your cheeks aching from forced smiles to calm Rosie, which were apparently useless.

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Nalu Love Fest: #2 Feed My Desire

Yes, another vampire inspired smutty-shot. I’m sorry, but I can’t not join in the fun! Mashima’s Halloween art made me scream like the fangirl I am.

Warnings: Smut, NSFW, lemon.

“Hello?” Lucy pushed open the heavy, iron door of the mansion. “I’m here about the library job?”

The grounds had been deserted, and as the sunset dyed the sky blood-orange, Lucy felt a shiver pass through her body, despite the heavy gown she was wearing. She had spotted the job advertising on the town’s noticeboard, and it had been perfect: she loved books, and apparently the mansion was being emptied. The previous owner had died, and the property had been sold. Apparently the library held many books, and they needed someone to sort through them before the new owners moved in. Lucy stepped into the hall, dust dancing in the air through the dirty stained-glass window. A chocolate brown, sweeping staircase faced her, and the mansion felt cold and un-lived in.

“Hello?” A door opened above, and suddenly a butler was rushing down the stairs. “Ah, excuse me, Lucy-san! The bell is broken. How was your journey?”

“It was fine, thank you,” the blonde smiled, glad the butler seemed friendly enough. She had been having second thoughts about this job.

“Excellent, excellent!” the grey-haired man bobbed his head in a bow. “Welcome to Ignis Mansion. Let me take you to your room. I can show you to the library after supper.”


“Is it just the two of us?” Lucy asked, as the butler, whose name was Tonkins, led her to the library.

“Yes, at the moment. There are some maids and a chef that come intermittently, but the clear-out is nearly complete.”

Lucy nodded as Tonkins led her to the top floor. Everywhere was so dark, but she supposed it didn’t make sense to light the place, when no one was living there currently.

“Here we are!” the butler announced, pushing open the heavy wooden door. “After you, Lucy-san.”

“Oh, wow!” the blonde mage gasped, stepping into the room. It was like a dream that had came to life. Massive bookcases covered the walls of the octave room, stretching up to the ceiling, which was a romantic mural painting. Large French windows allowed a little natural light into the room, and Lucy breathed in the comforting smell of paper and ink.

“It’s rather impressive, no?” Tonkins nodded. “Igneel-sama was a great lover of books. It seemed such a waste to throw them away, so I hoped you would help us get them to new homes.”

“It would be my pleasure!” Lucy beamed, her hands clasped together. “I know all the second-hand bookshops in Fiorre.”

“Wonderful,” the butler smiled. “As the notice explained, it may take several weeks. The new owners move in one month today- will that be enough time?”

“Sure!” Lucy clenched her fist near her face. “Trust me, I’m a fast reader. I’ll get through this lot in two weeks, tops!”


Lucy had planned on an early night after a long day travelling, but she couldn’t bear to leave the library just yet. She scoped the room, her fingertips trailing over different coloured spines: some leather, some cloth-bound. There were volumes of fiction, tomes of poetry, and collections of academic texts. Tonkins had lit a fire for her in the grate, which was thankfully protected by iron bars, so she relaxed on a comfortable chaise-lounge, and began to read. Time ticked by on the grandfather clock nearby, and Lucy was lost in words until the clock struck midnight, jarring her out of her reading trance. She yawned, returning the book to the shelf, and stretched, giving a happy groan as her back popped. There was a slight swish noise behind her, and Lucy spun around, expecting to see a spider or rat, but there was nothing there. Biting her lip uncertainly, Lucy decided her mind was playing tricks on her, and it was time for bed.


If it weren’t for the massive task facing her and her love of books, Lucy may have felt lonely in the empty mansion. Tonkins was busy cleaning and preparing other rooms, and they had their meals together, but otherwise she was left alone. But the excitement of what she might discover next in the library made her jump out of bed each morning, and stay awake late into the night. By the end of her first week, Lucy had cleared the biggest bookcase. Tonkins had brought padded crates for her to securely pack the books into. She wrote classifications on labels, with details of whom the books would be suitable for- the bookshop in Magnolia that sought rare poetry, or the Mage Library of the Magic Council, and so forth.  That night, she stumbled upon a collection of translated Gothic Victorian literature.

“How fitting!” Lucy giggled, tucking her feet under her gown. She did rather feel like a princess in this mansion. Sometimes her imagination ran away with her, and as she wandered down dark, dusty corridors, she imagined ghosts and monsters lurking in the shadows. There was a translated Dracula, which Lucy had read in the original language, and skimmed over with interest. It had always tickled her that the main character shared the same name as her. 

“There was a deliberate voluptuousness that was both thrilling and repulsive.
And as she arched her neck she actually licked her lips like an animal till I could see in the moonlight the moisture
Then lapped the white, sharp teeth.
Lower and lower went her head. I closed my eyes in a languorous ecstasy and waited.”

A swishing noise drew Lucy from the text, and her heart thumped –the book tumbling to the floor, her hands clutching the chaise-longue. 

“Is someone there?” Lucy asked, slowly rotating her head, scanning the room. The fire had died down to curling embers, and the light of the full-moon trickled onto the floor.  The blonde got to her feet, cursing the fact she had left her keys in her room. There was definitely something there –the skin on the back of her neck prickled, and the atmosphere in the room had changed. A flapping noise near the curtain made Lucy gave a girlish-squeal, and she grabbed the heavy book from the floor. As much as she loved books, she would use it as a weapon if necessary. A black thing fell from the heavy folds of the curtain, onto the moon-illuminated floor. Lucy watched, breath caught, as it flopped several feet, before she realised what it was.

“Just a bat!” she laughed, feeling silly. Tonkins had told her there were many bats in the attic, and he had been trying to clear them out. “Poor thing, did you get lost?” Lucy asked gently, putting the book down on the couch. She took baby steps, not wanting to startle the bat. She had never seen one up close before, and she was curious. It was rather adorable, actually. The blonde covered her mouth as the bat flopped along the floor. It had a furry body, with beady black eyes, and leathery wings, one of which seemed to be damaged. Lucy covered her hands with her long sleeves, and gently scooped up the little guy, carrying him over to the table near the dying fire.

“Are you hurt, poor thing?” Lucy asked. The bat was quiet now, seemingly watching her, its wings curled protectively around it. “I’m not sure how to fix you, I’m afraid…” the blonde hummed. “But let’s get you out of this room!”


She carefully carried the bat in her sleeves, like she would a baby. She had expected it to flap and fuss, but it seemed calm now. She went down to the kitchen, and wrapped the little guy in a towel.

“What should I give you?” Lucy wondered. The little guy kept opening his mouth. Maybe he was hungry?

“Milk?” Lucy wondered, taking a jug from the fridge. “But I don’t have a bottle small enough…” The mage rummaged through the drawers, but most of the utensils had already been packed.

“Let’s try this then…” Lucy dipped her finger into the milk, and let a drop hover over the bat’s face. It plopped into his mouth, but the bat scrunched up his nose and gave a sharp cry, expressing disapproval. 

“I guess not milk then!” the mage laughed. “Maybe you’re a fruit bat? There were some grapes here earlier…” Lucy plucked a purple grape from the bowl, but realising even that was too big for the little creature, she decided to cut it in half. Of course, the only knife was a large kitchen knife. The grape, being round and slippery, bounced from under the blade, and Lucy hissed as she slit her fingertip.

“Itai!” her eyes stung with the pain. It was small cut, and not deep. But the bat next to her went crazy, ruffling its wings and making high-pitched noises.

“Blood, huh?” Lucy winced, as red droplets dripped from her finger. “Well, better than it going to waste…” she dangled her finger above the bat, high enough so it couldn’t reach.

“What am I even doing?” she wondered aloud, as she drip-fed the bat below her. Its tongue darted out, claiming every drop, and when Lucy had stopped bleeding, she located a bandage from the first aid-kit.

“Okay, you’ve been fed!” Lucy sighed, scooped the little guy up. “Let’s set you free now!”


The next night in the library, Lucy felt tired. Perhaps her sight was strained from all the reading, but she was forcing her eyelids not to flutter shut. She lay on her side on the chase-lounge, the text swimming before her. The fire was warm and comfortable, and she dozed off into sleep.

As soon as her breathing regulated, he stepped out from the shadows. The flames flickered over her pale skin, which was mainly covered from his view by the rosy-red apple dress she was wearing. Her long legs were stretched out, clad in white stockings, and he had the urge to run his gloved fingers over them: her small feet, her trim ankles and her shapely calves.  Instead, he knelt before her sleeping face. Her eyelashes, long and thick, brushed her pale cheeks. Her hands were curled under her face, preventing him from seeing her lovely neck. How he had gazed at it the night before, when she had gently nursed him. He had been weak and injured for weeks now, unable to hunt or feed, until this angel had stumbled across him. He ran his tongue along his fangs. The sweet taste of her blood lingered in his mouth. It had been powerful enough to return to this form, but it wouldn’t last long. He needed more. He could bite her wrist, her reasoned, but it just wasn’t the same. He pushed back the blonde tresses that had fallen into her face. His gloved fingers roamed her jaw, before trailing down her neck. The bodice of her dress was enticingly low, gracing him with a wonderful view of her ample breasts.

The girl’s eyes flashed open as soon as the thought had crossed his mind. Deep brown eyes locked with his, and her pupils dilated. She opened her mouth to scream, but he was too quick, smothering the sound with his gloved hand.

“Shh…” he said soothingly. “Don’t be afraid. I won’t hurt you.” She shook her head, eyes full of fear, and it was obvious she didn’t believe him.

“I’ve been watching you for a long time now…” he began to say, but Lucy decided to answer by biting his hand as hard as she could. He gasped, his mouth dropping open to reveal his fangs, and Lucy tried to scream again. The vampire pulled her from the chase-longue, onto the floor, where he pinned her down with his body as she tried to struggle and kick him.

“What a sharp bite you have,” he complimented her. “Lucy, was it? My name is Natsu. We met last night, when you helped me in my bat-form.” The girl beneath him stopped struggling, and instead looked stunned. 

“I’ll remove my hands, so don’t scream, okay?” Natsu said. Lucy nodded, and he sat back, inspecting his white glove. She had bit him pretty hard, but hadn’t broken the skin.

“Why…why are you here, if you don’t want to hurt me?” Lucy asked. She took in the male above her. He was certainly not how she pictured vampire to look like. For a start, he had wild, spikey hair, which seemed the exact colour of sunset. His eyes were large, with small, dark pupils, and his skin was golden. He was wearing a white, buttoned up shirt with a black cape, which was torn and shredded at the ends, as though he had been in a fight. And those white gloves that had covered her mouth earlier. 

“Well, the thing is…” Natsu laughed, ruffling his hair, “I haven’t fed in a long time. In fact, I was probably a goner if you hadn’t given me your blood.”

Lucy blushed. The vampire was laughing, with a twinkle in his eye. He didn’t seem scary at all…in fact, he was very easy on the eyes.

“You’re a mage, right?” Natsu asked, leaning closer to her, making her blush deepen further. “I could taste it. The problem is, my body needs more of it. The magic in your blood…how do I explain? It’s like a craving, a drug or something. It’s making me crazy!”

“So, you do want to hurt me!” Lucy accused, her eyes narrowing. She struggled, hitting the vampire, but it was like punching marble. He grinned down at her.

“I want to feed on you, yes. But trust me, it won’t hurt at all. In fact, you will enjoy it…”

“What a pervert!” Lucy gasped, finally scrambling away from him, her back thumping against a bookcase. “Do you think I’m just going to let you drink my blood?”

“Lucy…” he said, talking a step towards her, and the way his voice caressed her name made something clench in her stomach. “I’ve watched you every night you’ve visited this library. If I really wanted to hurt you, you would be dead by now.”

“So…it was you!” Lucy recalled the swishing noises, the prickling of her skin as she read late into the night. “What are you, a stalker?”

“I haven’t got the strength to leave this mansion,” Natsu explained, drawing close to her, caging her with his arms. “I’ve been trapped here for months. Some stupid spell the old man Igneel put on the place. Please, lend me your strength this one time. In return, I promise to protect you.”

Lucy faltered at the earnest look in his eyes, the warmth of his body against hers. “I thought vampires were cold?” she asked, trying to change the subject. Smirking, Natsu leaned forward and brushed his lips against hers. His lips were burning, and she jerked back from him, shocked.

“Most of what you hear about us isn’t true,” he told her. “Blood is warm. How could our bodies be cold?” He moved again, his mouth hot and wet against her jaw. Lucy trembled, unable to move, the hard spines of the books digging into her own, Natsu’s body pressed against her. 

“Wait!” she gasped, as his lips glided down her neck. She could feel his breath, warm and rapid against her skin.

“Please, Lucy,” he begged, his body shaking against her. “Please, help me!” The blonde felt the fists clench at the side of her head, saw the desperate look in his eyes. She had helped the little bat when he was in trouble. Wasn’t it only fair to help him now, in this form too?”

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snoop-liyah  asked:

Prompt?: It's almost midnight and Val and Zendaya are cuddling Val wants to sleep but Zendaya wants to stay up till midnight Just So she can say happy birthday to him first😊😂

Val felt her hands travelling all over his naked top. Her delicate fingers were leaving an amazingly tingle feeling all over his chest, his abonden. His nipples hardening instqntly.

He loved her touch, he would never deny her any kind of physicality but he was truly exhausted from all the rehearsals.

“Babe.” He mumbled softly. “Go back to sleep.” He didn’t even open his eyes as he covered one of her hands with his own.

“Val.” She said quietly.

“Z baby, sleep.” He felt her head against his shoulder and her breath on his cheek.

“Val."She said one more time more convincing. Her free hand reached to his cheek touching it gently.

Val sighed knowing that his girlfriend wasn’t letting go no matter what.

He slowly opened his eyes and turned his head towards hers.

Their faces barerly an inch away. Her plump rosy lips so tempting for kissing.

He loved her and the moment he looked at her every single tired muscle and cell in his body came alive.

"What got you so interested in my body at…” He looked at the digital clock at the night stand next to bed. “ten to midnight.”

Zendaya smiled mysteriously as she leaned and kissed him.

Taking her time she slowly moved her lips against his pushing just a little bit not wanting this passionate moment turn into something rough and raw.

She peaked her tongue almost shyly touching his upper lip.

Val moaned as he opened his mouth and let her tongue slip inside.

He grabbed her face and pulled himself on top of her deepending the kiss even more.

Zendaya’s hands move to his back scratching it with a little bit of force.

“Zendaya…” Val moaned her name right into her mouth.

She smiled as her hands followed the path up to his neck.

“Actually there is a reason why I woke you up.” One of her hands touched his ear.

Val purred like a little kitty.

“What is it?” He asked quietly still covering her body with his own.

Zendaya looked at the right at the clock where the big red number 12.00 was visible.

She turnes back to Val seeing his confused but also intrigued look.

She pulled him down by his neck and before she kissed him she said quietly.

“Happy birthday love.” The love in her eyes shining so brightly almost made Val fill with tears.

Sometimes her feelings for him were overwhelming but not in the negative way, no. She made him feel so alive so loved that he didn’t know what he did to deserve her.

His skin itched when he couldn’t touch her. His heart raced faster when he saw her. His whole body was aching for her when they were apart.

So moments like this were everything for him.

He smiled widely at her as he leaned and kissed her hard.

“So since you already woke me up and it is my birthday.” His grin spreaded even wider.

“Yes?” She cocked her head.

“Is it time for birthday wish?” He wiggled his eyebrows.

“Well that was the whole idea and me wanting to be first in wishing you happy birthday.” She winked at him.

Val chuckled. “You know you would be first in the morning as well.”

She giggled. “Couldn’t risk it.”

She traced her hand over his jaw and cheek.

“So what about that wish.”

“Ah yes.” Val in one swift move changed their position so now she was sitting on his abonden.

“You on top.”

Zendaya leaned down letting her hands slide up his chest.

“I like the way you think.” She grinned. “Happy birthday, I love you.”

“Thank you and I love you more.”

He kissed her.

anonymous asked:

can i ask for Sleeping Beauty AU! the part where the prince kissed the princess to wake up or when they met in the forest and danced together :3 for Oikawa, Ushijima, Kuroo, Bokuto and Tsukishima! please make it super fluffy!! thank you!!

AH I love Sleeping Beauty! This is adorable! I hope you like it!

Oikawa could barely breath, but he couldn’t bare the thought of stopping to rest. As he finally approached the top of the stairs, he held what little breath he had and pushed the door open. Only when he approached the sleeping girl did he remember to breath once more. He watched her for a moment, studying the lack of color in her skin. Had she not been slowly breathing, Oikawa would certainly have thought she was dead. He knelt down and pressed a kiss to the girl’s lips, as the fairies had directed. He leaned back, silently praying he was the one who would be able to break the spell, praying he was her “one true love”. The girl’s lifeless skin slowly began to regain its color; so slowly that one may have never noticed the transition. Oikawa bit his bottom lip, his stomach fluttering with excitement as the her eyes opened and lit up the moment she saw him.

“You…” She trailed off and smiled so widely that her cheeks began to hurt, “…You came for me.”

“Of course,” Oikawa nodded, “I would have gone to the ends of the earth to protect you.” He gently took the girl’s hand and lifted her to her feet.

“Why would you do such a thing for me?” She asked.

“You’re special to me,” He spoke, “I knew from the moment I saw you in the forest, I felt something I had never felt before. I wanted to spend more time with you, and what little time we had together simply teased me. I went back the next day hoping to find you, but I had no such luck,” his eyes dropped, but a smile slowly returned to his face. “I couldn’t quite understand what it was, but I believe the fairies had a term for it. They called it ‘true love’.”

Ushijima pulled his horse to a stop. He closed his eyes and angled his head in the direction of the sweet sound echoing across the trees. He dismounted his steed, and stealthily made his way to the origin of the soft singing, careful not to disturb it with the sound of his own movements. He came to an opening in the forest to find that the singing had stopped and was replaced with the sound of a gasp. Ushijima turned quickly, and was graced with the sight of the most beautiful girl he had ever seen. Never before had his eyes beheld such an incredible person, with hair like silk and eyes that glowed with so much joy and life. “Fair lady, you must be careful out here all alone. There is no telling what evils may lurk nearby, and your sweet voice could draw them to you.”

“Oh?” She responded, “But there are no evils here, and I have my friends to protect me.”

Ushijima watched her curiously as she gestured to the animals around her. He was fully aware that little birds and rabbits could not properly defend the girl. “Perhaps you can make room for one more? I would very much like to hear you sing once more.”

She watched him cautiously, debating whether or not she could trust this strange man in front of her.

Ushijima lowered his head respectfully, signifying he meant no harm. “There are no evils here,” he repeated her words with a reassuring smile.

“Well…” She turned her head to the animals nearby. “This kind gentleman is our new friend.” She said with a luminescent smile.

Ushijima bowed and held out a hand, a proposal to dance, which she gracefully accepted. A symphony of birds filled the quietness of the forest as the girl merrily hummed along to their tune while the two danced.

Kuroo felt confident in the fact that he had memorized the beautiful melody the mysterious girl was singing. He sat in plain sight, watching as the girl danced among the flowers, completely unaware of his presence. He had seen his fair share of girls throughout the years, but none of them compared to the beauty and purity of the girl before him. She sang so innocently, without a worry in the world, with a smile as beautiful as the stars in the sky. It was a truly remarkable sight. Just as the girl hit the most lovely note of her song, she stopped with a gasp, suddenly noticing she was not alone. She stared in horror and began to back away.

Kuroo frowned and leaned his chin over his knees. “Why did you stop?”

“You startled me!” She responded shyly.

“Ah, forgive me. It was not my intention to scare you. You see, I had planned to speak up the moment I noticed you, but you began to sing so beautifully, I couldn’t bare the thought of interrupting you.”

Kuroo could see the tension leaving her expression as she stopped her slow retreat. An embarrassed smile took over her face. “I had come out here to pick flowers, but I suppose I got a little sidetracked.”

“Oh?” Kuroo began, “Well if you want to make up for lost time, I could lend you a hand. We can accomplish a lot more if we work together.” Only when the girl agreed did Kuroo finally approach her. “But I’m afraid I’ll have to charge you for my aid,” He continued mischievously.

Her face grew pale. “I’m afraid I don’t have any money, sir.”

“I suppose I’ll have to accept a dance as payment,” He said with an outstretched hand. One dance turned into three, and the two quickly forgot about their initial task of collecting flowers.   

Bokuto was far too excited to be confused, or even angry. He had just witnessed an owl stealing his cape and boots and was certain to track it down to get a better look at the beautiful bird, as well as to retrieve his stolen goods. The deeper he traveled into the forest, the more audible a voice in the distance became. A smooth, comforting voice that was far too beautiful to be coming from any human being. “I’ll see an owl and an angel all in the same day!” He sang to himself as he followed the bird. Then he saw her: a beauty like no other. The owl circled above her with Bokuto’s stolen items, and the girl simply chuckled and curtsied to the bird.

“How do you do, fine sir?” She asked the owl. She twirled to follow the owl’s dance and began her song once more.

“Wow,” Bokuto said astoundedly, and far louder than he had meant to be. The girl flinched at the sound and drew back as Bokuto ran out from his hiding spot. “You are the most beautiful thing I’ve ever seen! Are you an angel?!” He yelled upon his approach.

“A-An angel? I’m just a normal girl.” She folded her hands in front of her chest as she watched Bokuto come to a stop in front of her.

His cheeks began to redden after getting a closer look at the beautiful girl. She’s even prettier up close. He rubbed the back of his neck. “You must be the child of an angel then, because you have the voice of one, and you look just like one, too!”

A soft blush graced the girl’s cheeks as Bokuto offered his hand and grinned. “Many people have taught me to dance throughout the years, but I’ve never had the chance to dance with an angel’s daughter before. May I?”

Tsukishima ran through the grand doors of the castle, trying his best to persevere, despite his exhaustion from fighting the dragon. He crossed through the foyer and followed the stairs to the uppermost chamber of palace, and gently pushed the door open. The beautiful girl he had met in the forest lay lifelessly upon the bed. He recalled the fairies who had rescued him from Maleficent’s castle having said the girl’s spell would break with true love’s kiss. Tsukishima approached the bed and took in the pitiful sight of the maiden’s dull, gray skin, which had once glowed with the most beautiful radiance. He knew what must be done as he timidly leaned down to plant a soft kiss on the girl’s lips. He drew back while he watched the girl’s eyes gently opened and the life return to her body. Her eyes widened nervously and she sat up quickly, completely unaware of the curse she had been under just moments ago.

“F-forgive me, I did not realize I had fallen asleep… Nor did I know I was in your company,” She apologized, shamefully covering her rosy cheeks with her hands.

Tsukishima gently took her small hands away from her face and calmly explained what had truly happened. “You don’t need to apologize. If anything, I…” His cheeks grew dark with shame. “I should apologize for kissing you in your sleep. I know it was the only way to save you, but you were completely vulnerable in that state.”

A small smile graced the beautiful girl’s lips, a token of respect for his honorable apology. “Well, fine sir, I am awake now. If you’d like to ask for another kiss, I’d gladly oblige.”

Tsukishima couldn’t hold back the grin tugging at his face. “May I?”

“Do you have to wear that every night?” Maki asks, eyeing the open tupperware. Hesitantly, she pokes at a cucumber slice–only to quickly retract her hand at the gooey texture.

“Of course I do! Someone’s got to maintain this perfect complexion,” Nico huffs, uncapping her tub of facial cream. Maki has to admit that it at least smells nice… at the cost of giving her friend the appearance of a swamp monster. Or at the very least, someone who had dug into a salad bar with more than a little gusto. Shuddering at the image, she quickly reaches past the shorter girl to open a medicine cabinet, the action halting the latter from dipping her hand into the green goo.

“Here,” she says, placing a small bottle in front of Nico. “I use this sometimes. It’s pure rose water.” She pauses slightly before adding, “It’ll make your face smell like roses too.”

“Woah, I’ve seen this before!” Nico gasps, raising the bottle to inspect it more closely. “This particular brand costs a fortune–”

“–And I’ll let you keep it if you promise to stop using that godforsaken face mask. Seriously, it’s not cute. At all.”

Nico relents easily and uncorks the bottle, soaking a cotton ball in the scented liquid.

“Sure, sure. But geez, Maki-chan. If I didn’t know any better, it’s almost as if you’d absolutely hate for me to cover my cute face.” She teases, wiping her forehead down.



“I-It’s not like I was lying when I said the others couldn’t come tonight!” Maki yelps before quickly slamming her hands onto her mouth.

“You–you what–”

“I–I mean, um, I’m going to go. Get the bed ready.” Maki stammers, rushing out of the bathroom.

The cotton ball falls to the floor. Nico stares after her, mouth open and cheeks rosy red.

What. The. Hell.”

I’m really happy and in a writing mood, and just happened to find it’s my-loveisthelaw’s birthday and she wanted a fluffy olicity drabble. So, here it goes :) Hope you like it and that you have a wonderful day!

It starts the first day he wakes up in her bed.

It’s as if he can’t help himself, eyes straying to her sleeping form by his side. She’s pure magic, light and strength in the best combination he could’ve ever imagined, and making it look so easy, effortless. Her eyelids look tender, not clenched shut as his are whenever a nightmare takes over. Golden hair shines against the burgundy sheets. Her chest calmly moves up and down with her steady breathing, showing she’s still deep in slumber.

Before he can help himself he’s reaching across the mattress –after having stared at her propped on his elbow by his side of the bed for much too long–. At first he’s tentative, the back of his hand barely ghosting over the rosy skin of her cheeks. Then, as she doesn’t flinch away, instead leans into his touch if he has to say, Oliver gets more daring. A single finger is drawn to that loose curl that just keeps falling over her face, covering precious inches of her face from being read, cherished, memorized. It’s not until he’s secured it behind her ear, grazing the sensitive skin behind it, that she stirs in her sleep.

Blue eyes flutter open, hesitant, confused he can tell, until she sees it’s him and a delightful hum echoes through the room, vibrations clear under his touch. A smile tugs at the corners of his lips and, for the first time in forever, he does nothing to fight it back. It takes over his features until he’s mirroring the bliss in hers.

When those blue eyes meet his again there’s no hesitation or doubt, only light, joy dancing in the clear tones; his smile widens.

Right here, right now there’s no darkness pulling him away, no demons clouding his vision until he can’t feel anything but pain.

There’s only her steady heartbeat pulsing under his thumb to the rhythm of his own. There’s only laughter that warms his heart as he remains speechless. Only softness under his hand as it ghosts behind her neck and gently pulls her closer. Only a satisfied sigh that leaves her heavenly lips before they meet his.

There’s no rush, no alarm going off or interruption that could tear them apart from each other. On that sunny morning there’s only tenderness and comfort, one loving touch at the time.