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The Jetsons (2017-) #1

Meet George Jetson, a family man living an analog life in a digital world. His wife, Jane, is a brilliant NASA scientist working off-world at a conference, his daughter Judy is a social butterfly trying to discover her calling, and his boy Elroy is either doing homework or using robotic technology to break the rules. Strangest of all, George’s mother has downloaded herself into Rosie the robot!
Join this postmodern family as doom rockets toward them from the outer reaches of the galaxy on a crash course of destruction! - $3.99

The Jetsons (2017-) #2

Available on December 6 2017 - $3.99

That looks like Jonny Quest on the cover of issue 2. There is a coloring book where Jonny Quest meets the Jetsons, so this might be a new version of that. Or that might just be Elroy Jetson on the cover of issue 2. 

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Can I take a imagine with Seven, about MC's father was a secret agent,like Seven.But her dads agency allowed to his family.MC was single child and her dad never allowed to let her go outside,because he thinks outside is dangerous for her.She had a special education in her home.She learned martial arts and kind of agent things from her dad.After her dads retirement,she was in her 18-19 and started to univercity. (1/2)

Rosie (2/2) Her mom and dad decided to globetrotting,but before leave,they said “Trust no one!”.Now she can go outside,SHE IS FREE!But she don’t know very much about outside,she hasn’t very much friend, such a innocent and shy girl :’) (And already forgot the “Trust no one” rule tbh ) But recieved the Unknown’s message and go to the apartment, soo you know rest of the story :’D I know it’s weird but maybe Seven knows her dad previously, like they were enemies, or just heard something about him.

Wow this took so long :’) If you don’t wanna write this, no problem!^^Sorry for my grammer mistakes (my English is terrible tbh ) Have a lovely day! ^3^

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OMFG THIS IS SO GOOD! I may be will be breaking this request in two parts(sorry).

Part 1/2 

  • Your father is a good man and a good dad,he is a really intelligent,funny and very protecting…oh yes i forgot HE is also a SECRET FUCKING AGENT.
  • It was normal for you but OVER here is not that normal (what ever I´m distracting myself)
  • Like I said,he is a good dad but some times (every time) he is protecting you  from the dangers of the outside world.
  • He always telling you about the “bad people” but he never tells you about the specific reason (It involves your mom) of why he is so overprotective.
  • He wanted you to be safe,so what he did was locking you in the house and with as minimal access of the outside word.
  • The only people that you talked to was:Your father,Your robot nanny,the closest friends of your dad (aka.Other special agents) and your aunt.
  • Plus you where home school by your dad or your robot nanny

(I imagine that she will be like this but obviously the real one would be more sophisticated. You have a Freaking robot nanny that your father created because he wasn´t all the time with you when he was on a mission)

  • But one day when you were 16 years old your robot nanny (her name will be…Rosie like the maid robot fictional character in The Jetsons)
  • So Rosie is being updated and your dad was in a secret mission again,since you were old enough to be alone in the house he wasn´t worry.
  • You were really bored and you started to explore your own house…well you were exploring the parts of the house that Rosie and your dad always told you not to go.You had curiosity and since you were a teenager (hormones and all tat stuff) you wanted to break the rules and go to explore.
  • You saw many of your dad´s projects and some documents of missions.Then you find a room with several computers and and screens.
  • You knew how to use a computer but this ones were totally different and very complicated,so you stared to search and you find a laptop a little bit old but it still was functioning.
  • you took it to your room and stared to find how it worked.
  • From that moment on you use to it to know from “the outside world” with time you manege to know how to use very well the computer.
  • And now you knew how to shut Rosie for just 30.6723 min.
  • When your dad left the old laptops that he didn´t use you took them and used them.
  • You loved the INTERNET.
  • there was so much info. and the MEMES (mini orgasm)
  • But some times you didn´t understand some memes of school,friends,life,parents and siblings.

Now you have 19 years old

  • After a your birthday party every one left (with every one I mean the two agents and your dad).
  • You were cleaning but you find a smartphone of another agent.
  • And surprises surprise It did´t had a password.
  • So you only had access to a computer but you were curious about the smartphones.
  • you started to use it and…

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  • You were so confused,Why It was so different from your computer?
  • You wanted to enter to your favorite blog and…wait…what you mean it doesn´t exist?
  • What is google?social medias?new memes?dark memes?porno?so many new things?
  • what was all this things? and why you never saw this on your computer?

-“Pumpkinpie,we need to clean this mess…”said your dad when he enter the house with a big smile

-”You knew…” you told your father but didn´t face him

-”What you mean pumpkin?” his smile fated 

-”You knew that I used your old computers!” you said with tears in your eyes


“I want to go out side!”


-”I want to experience college,friends of may age,I want to go to parties…real parties and I want to experience love.”


-”Like you and mom”


-”Guess what? I didn´t ask for your opinion”

-”You don´t know how dangerous the world can be!”He took you from the arms.

-”I don´t fucking care”You remove his hands from you


-”I don´t fucking care”

-“go to your room”

-”You can´t keep me here for ever!” that has the last thing you said before shutting your door

-Your father just sighs

You were so angry.Who he can be so crazy and over protecting.He hacked your computers (his old computers) and made blogs and pages just for you and that way he could control what information that you learned all this years.

But you still had the smart phone and so surf the internet like never before and you were sure that your father didn´t know that you had it. so for the next 4 hr. his happened:

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but a knock on you door stopped your experience,quickly you hide the phone.

-“darling,Can I enter?” 


-she opened the door “did you fight with your father?” said agent 069 

-Shit you didn´t looked the door “You know what he did?”

-”You really want to go outside?” 

-”Are you willing to help me?”

-”It will be a pleasure” she said with a smirk

here is Part 2.I hope you like it.

Special Agent 606, Out.If you want to request here are the rules: HERE/Matchups: Here /Masterlist: Here


From Rosie, the Jetsons’ robot maid, to Arnold Schwarzenegger’s cyborg in The Terminator, popular culture has frequently conceived of robots as having a humanlike form, complete with “eyes” and mechanical limbs. But tech reporter John Markoff says that robots don’t always have a physical presence.

“I have a very broad definition of what a robot is,” he tells Fresh Air’s Terry Gross. “A robot can be … a machine that can walk around, or it can be software that is a personal assistant, something like Siri or Cortana or Google Now.”

Markoff, the author of the new book Machines of Loving Grace, points out that artificial intelligence plays a role in many of our lives — sometimes without our even realizing it. “I have a car that I bought this year … that is able to recognize both pedestrians and bicyclists, and if I don’t stop, it will,” he says. “That’s a very inexpensive add-on that you can get for almost any car on the market now.”

See his full conversation with Fresh Air’s Terry Gross here.

– Petra

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Dang you have some slimy ideas


Ah…nevermind.  I looked at your blog, rosie-the-robot-slave, and immediately understood.  The first post?

Are you seriously trying to force a creator to alter THEIR show–THEIR creation–in order to placate your poor widdle fee-fees?  Better still:  You want a fucking CARTOON CHARACTER to apologize for being “abusive”.  Wow, how do you even function outside of your house?  Or do your parents just slip food under the cellar door for you?  I took a look around your blog, cupcake.  You are one disturbed, bitter, resentful, uneducated little creature, and I pity your parents for actually having to pay money to keep you alive.

Apparently, my “ideas” are allegedly “slimy” because you know damn well that you’re exactly the type of rabid, SJW-infected Steven Universe fan that the majority of the fandom would rather have never existed (and no matter how hard you try to deny it, you can’t escape the many, MANY reasons that people like you have caused others to be embarrassed of their own fandom).

But, oh lawd…”slimy” ideas?  The language of these people never ceases to amuse.  “Stinky”, “slimy”…WHY DO ALL OF THESE ENTITLED LITTLE ASSCASKETS TALK LIKE FUCKING KINDERGARTENERS?